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Article | Collegiate >
Ruthie Dean sifts through the idea that busyness distracts us from getting to know God.
Article | Devotionals >
Lore Ferguson struggles with two four-letter words: fine and busy. The current busyness of her life has her contemplating Jesus' c»
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Pastor Charles Stone offers a few encouraging quotes and Bible verses on the powerful effect of slowing down the busyness of your »
Article | Christian Living >
Angela Mackey discusses the importance of taking a break from the busyness and resting in Jesus.
Article | Devotionals >
Tresta Payne shares her discouragement with the busyness of parenting, work, and life itself, but offers encouragement that God is»
Article | Work >
Every Christian has a similar, particular job description to "impact other people for eternity by pointing them to God."»
Article | Devotionals >
What is the busyness of Christmas keeping you from hearing?
Article | Books >
Conrade Yap outlines the five "whitespaces" of rest discussed in Bonnie Gray's new book»
Article | Moms >
How can we connect with God in the midst of our busy lives?
Article | Marriage >
Chris Lautsbaugh follows the writings of Ted Cunningham's new book to talk about the importance of a marriage checkup.