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Allowing cell phones to go to school offers too many opportunities for undesirable consequences.
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Tips to get youth to rely less on their phones.
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A commonly asked question in parenting classes is, “When can a child have a cell phone?” The question is often followed by, “He tells me all his friends have one.” Not all kids have cell phones. And there’s no perfect … Continue reading →
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As technology advances and cell phones continue to do far more than just connect phone […]
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Ah yes, life before cell phones. I remember that time. My Freshman year of college I drove several hours to visit a friend and had to call them from a pay phone to get directions to their house. Those were the days. Ya know, before you had a mini-anxiety attack
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Texting, snapping pictures, calling their friends whenever and wherever they are with the use of a cell phone is all part of a Teen/Tween life at least that is what my children claim. If your children are anything like mine they have probably used those one liners ” I’m the
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Yesterday, I took a group of students down the river here in Durango. Every summer,...
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Can you hear me now? According to research, 22 percent of young children own a cell phone (ages 6-9), 60 percent of tweens (ages 10-14), and 84 percent of teens. Now that it’s back-to-school time, many parents make the decision to arm their kids with cell phones. Parents generally sa…