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Practical ways to minister to children
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The importance of the family meal.
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From Foster Child to CPS Advocate - Alisha Maglio is "A Survivor"
Alisha Maglio walked a troubled road aft»
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Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse at Church | Darrell Bock
In this episode of The Table Podcast fro»
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Since the time our country began, there has been a growing epidemic. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s before this issue started to be addressed and not until the 1900’s before laws were implemented.  What is this epidemic that seems to grow every year?  Child abuse and neglect. In the United States, • There are over 5 child deaths per day, • 90% of victims know their perpetrator, and • If these victims do not get the help they nee»
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KANSAS CITY (Reuters) - A Catholic Bishop in Kansas City did not have a legal obligation to report suspected child sexual abuse by a local priest even if he knew about it, a lawyer for the bishop said on Tuesday. In a preview to the upcoming trial of Bishop Robert Finn of the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, a lawyer for Finn asked Jackson County Circuit Judge John Torrence to dismiss the charge against him because he said there was an»
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No one likes to think about child abuse. But by understanding the types of abuse and some of the possible indicators, everyone can become more informed by learning how to recognize the signs of abuse and what to do about it. Physical Abuse is one type of abuse that results in an injury to the child. Physical abuse injuries can range from bruising to fractures. It may even result in a child’s death. Examples of physical abuse are hitting, kickin»
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Every child deserves a family. Those who get involved with foster youth have the opportunity to play a tremendous role in God's re»
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Buckner International works to deliver medical care to children and families.