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Practical ways to minister to children
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The importance of the family meal.
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From Foster Child to CPS Advocate - Alisha Maglio is "A Survivor"
Alisha Maglio walked a troubled road after a childhood of abuse and neglect. But with the help of Bu…
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Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse at Church | Darrell Bock
In this episode of The Table Podcast from Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Darrell Bock, Greg Love a…
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In America, 4-7 children die every day as a result of domestic abuse. Each year over 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States that involve over 6 million children. 70% of the children who die from abuse are under age 4. The estimated annual cost
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On January 6, 2012, ABC news published a story on child abuse.The story was based on a study of child abuse cases from 2006.It states that 4,569 children in America were hospitalized that year due to child abuse. 300 of those children died from their injuries.The highest rate of abuse
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Child abuse and neglect continue to be of concern each day in the United States. Today, April 4, 2013, is designated as ‘Go Blue’ Day. Everyone is encouraged to wear blue in hopes to raise awareness of child abuse. Wear your blue and help us spread the word to end
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Since the time our country began, there has been a growing epidemic. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s before this issue started to be addressed and not until the 1900’s before laws were implemented. What is this epidemic that seems to grow every year? Child abuse and neglect. In the
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How Do I Know What Is Report Worthy? What To Do When A Child Reports […]