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Article | Cause >
The number of children and families crossing the border into the United States seeking refuge from danger in their home countries has caused a humanitarian crisis. This story follows one family.
Article | Books >
Kimberlee Conway Ireton reviews children's books from the Secret Garden to Holes.
Article | Parenting >
Parents need to be proactive in readying their children to grow in to spiritually mature adults.
Article | Technology >
Leadership Network hosted the second 'Code for the Kingdom Hackathon' at Acton School of Business. The theme of the event was “Transforming Children’s Lives” as we challenged the Austin entrepreneurial community and beyond to create technologies to help alleviate and eradicate all fo …
Article | Prayer >
Do you pray more for your children to obey you, or to obey God? Thom Turner points out how a few subtle changes in praying for your children could effect serious spiritual change in your child ... and yourself.
Article | Prayer >
Wayne Stiles offers a list of 12 prayers perfect for praying over your children or grandchildren.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Christopher Wesley looks at the difference between children's ministry and youth ministry.
Article | Missional >
Though the reality of child abuse seems overwhelming, there's a solution. These vulnerable children find hope and healing through the love and dedication of some of the strongest people we know: foster parents.
Article | Money and Stewardship >
Ron Moore shares five practical ways parents can instill biblical values regarding money in their children.
Article | Church Planting >
Church Planter Hal Seed provides his personal story on how his children turned out, even as he was working to plant a church.