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Article | Money and Stewardship >
How do you determine your giving choices? Tax season offers families a chance to rethink that.
Article | Emotional Health >
How do you move forward after a disappointment?
Article | News >
Forty-one percent of Americans consider themselves "pro-choice," a record low since Gallup has asked the question.»
Article | Parenting >
Telling your teens that you believe in them empowers them to go and do responsibly.
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About Chicks With Choices:

It's not easy being a Chick these days! Today's woman has more freedom than ever before. But with freedom comes choice; an endless series of crossroads we must navigate on our own unique journeys. "Chicks with Choices" addresses the mundane to the monumental with real questions and authentic answers. Helping you to navigate life's never ending decisions through authentic interactions including Chicks daily blog, Your Girlfriend Getaways, and CoffeeHouse Chats.

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Video | Preaching >
Fool's Paradise (Week 3): Shaping My Future with My Choices | Pete Wilson
"In Week 3 of Fool's Paradise, Past»
Video | Preaching >
Intentions vs. Choices | Justin Davis
"In this one-off message by Pastor »
Video | Marriage >
Love is a Choice | Marriage Today
Lasting love is not a feeling, but a cho»

Simply helping men understand what the Bible teaches about being a Godly man in today's mixed-up world. Hopefully, then we can each make the conscious choice to apply these teachings and be transformed into the Christian men, husbands and fathers God has called us to be.