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The post This Is a Choice No Child Should Ever Have to Make appeared first on Jewish Voice Blog.
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As human beings we should try to make good choices in life. Some might say that those who regularly make good choices are wise.Wisdom can be understood as skill in living.Parents want to teach their children to make good choices.Teachers attempt to teach their students how to make good choices.But how do we know how to make good choices? How do we know when we are making a good choice?How do we know we are rightly teaching children, students, emp»
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Fool's Paradise (Week 3): Shaping My Future with My Choices | Pete Wilson
"In Week 3 of Fool's Paradise, Past»
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Intentions vs. Choices | Justin Davis
"In this one-off message by Pastor »
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Choices.  We make hundreds of them each day.  Do I get out of bed today?  Do I go to work or school?  What is for breakfast?  Some choices are easy and some choices are hard, and depending the choice, some choices are difficult.  There are always consequences with the choices we make, which can help or hinder the ability to make the right choice.  If you are waiting on God with hopeful expectation you slow down and sit at the Lord’s feet»
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YOUR 2 CHOICES Have you ever gone to a salvage yard?  Maybe you’ve driven by one and seen the hundreds of old rusty worn out cars.  These days it seems new ordinances are in place where the owners of salvages/junk yards are required to have fencing which prevents an “eyesore” to those living nearby.   I don’t really see these places as eyesores.  In fact, if you ever get a chance to walk through one, you’ll see  some great old and»
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Character and values are at the core of the Jesus follower. So, do these seven core values relate to our career search? You better believe it!Five great questions of life: Life * Love * Learning * Labor * LeadershipSeven Core Values and the Career ChoiceBy Evan NehringIf your career should resonate with who you are, building your character and knowing your values is a distinct advantage. Our road trip has us on the right path already. Character»
Blog Entry | Culture > you agree or disagree with these choices? Read more!
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choices... with choices come consequences... make the right choice and the consequences of that right choice can be uplifting, satisfying, and strengthening. make the wrong choice and the consequences of that wrong choice can be downtrodden, dissatisfying, and weakening.choices not only affect the one making the choice but everyone around them, whether they see it or not.choices that make one strong r not usually the easiest to follow. struggles»