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Chores and Grades
Success in school is linked to jobs at home.
Blog Entry | Family >
This weekend became a hodge-podge of family, friends, and work. Saturday morning we watched our 3rd grader's football team scrimmage the 4th graders (and school them!) for about 3 hours. Thanks to an unseasonably cool and overcast day, the sunburn I received didn't hurt a bit. We spent the afternoon tootling around McKinney, buying books and exchanging sandals and feasting on Chipotle. We finished the day off at a birthday party for 7yo twin fr»
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It may be more expedient to do them without "help," but important things happen when parents let the kids join in the ho»
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Vacations are a time for rest. We get to leave our worries behind in favor of beaches, lakes, cabins and other preferred places. No longer are we bound by time, work, chores, or requests. Instead, we are free from worldly constraints and are enabled to enjoy our surroundings. Our worries disappear and we are able […]
Blog Entry | Holidays >
Woo Hoo! It’s No Housework Day! A day to forget those daily chores . . . to leave the laundry until tomorrow, pile the dishes in the sink, and ignore the crumbs on the floor. It’s time to celebrate. If I could, I would declare everyday – No Housework Day! From Punchbowl: National No Housework Day Are you always looking for an excuse to put off housework and cleaning for just one more day? Well look no further, today’s holiday absolutely»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
“In Praise of Zigzags” by Jane O. Wayne For a Girl Failing Geometry Maybe she does her homework the way she does her chores. She moves quickly when she vacuums, forgetting corners in the living room, repeating others, zigzags recklessly across the carpet, raising those pale tracks behind her in the wool, crossing and recrossing them. And not once does geometry cross her mind. Outside she wanders aimlessly behind the lawnmower, rolls toward t»
Blog Entry | Culture >
Money magazine lists these as the top sources of marital tension:MoneyHousehold choresQuality time togetherRaising kidsWhat's for dinnerThese are the top three sources of couples' most serious arguments:MoneyChoresSnoring
Blog Entry | Moms >
This week I’ve been jammin’ out my daily chores to The Avett Brothers’ new album, Magpie and the Dandelion. I »
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Dial 1-800-Merry-Maid. Just kidding. In all seriousness, sometimes we need an injection of cheer to grind through chores. That’s why I’m giving away some “Seeds Family Worship” CD’s. I hope that even if you don’t adopt my kitchen-dancing antics, that the mere thought of me shaking my tail feathers while paring potatoes might be enough to get you smiling during your own meal-prep. Right after I announced the “Seeds” giveaway I fou»
Blog Entry | Health >
Headaches can make anyone’s daily routine drag. Sometimes, they can be so debilitating that they make simple tasks feel like painful chores. What many people don’t realize, is that headaches can affect children as severely as adults. Headaches can majorly impact a child’s performance in school and regular activities. Before you assume your child is exaggerating the symptoms, you might want to learn what Chaouki Khoury, M.D., director of th»