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It may be more expedient to do them without "help," but important things happen when parents let the kids join in the ho»
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Chores and Grades
Success in school is linked to jobs at home.
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This weekend became a hodge-podge of family, friends, and work. Saturday morning we watched our 3rd grader's football team scrimmage the 4th graders (and school them!) for about 3 hours. Thanks to an unseasonably cool and overcast day, the sunburn I received didn't hurt a bit. We spent the afternoon tootling around McKinney, buying books and exchanging sandals and feasting on Chipotle. We finished the day off at a birthday party for 7yo twin fr»
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Kids are fully capable of contributing to the betterment (and not just the destruction) of the household. Teach them how, then let»
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Why pay kids to do chores? One mom's theory. . .
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Children are helped most by being taught to contribute to the family.
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Teaching our kids the value of a job well done--the first time.
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Ellen Painter Dollar reflects on Rachel Gerber's new devotional memoir to parents seeking connection with God.
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A profile of Erika Mendoza Punnose, the daughter-in-law of Gospel for Asia founder K.P. Yohannan. The busy mother models and teach»
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Applying God's Word to life's situations requires us to "rightly divide the word of truth."»