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Article | Youth >
Sean McDowell outlines the major differences between Christianity and other major world religions.
Article | Film >
Is "The Lone Ranger" film disrespectful of Christianity?»
Article | Evangelism >
What's the main difference between Christianity and all other religions?
Article | Missions >
Could Christians be contributing to the plight of the poor?
Article | Parenting >
Natasha Crain talks about what is truly important in creating a Christian environment for your kids.
Article | Theology >
Drew Dyck, author and managing editor of Christianity Today's "Leadership Journal," discusses his book "Yawning at »
Article | Inspiration >
Pastor Shawn Lovejoy sees the church declining, but suggests that living a bold Christian life may be the way forward in a post-Ch»
Article | Theology >
Christian J. Amondson, on behalf of the Englewood Review of Books, offers an extensive review of "Prodigal Christianity"»
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Is what we've been teaching our children true Christianity, or just moralistic therapeutic deism?
Article | Theology >
Jeremy Myers reviews J. Warner Wallace's "Cold-Case Christianity," where a former homicide detective uses cold case proc»