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Getting Started in Church Communications | Jason Caston
Church communications consultant Jason C»
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Steve Fogg Talks Church Communications with Tim Peters
Church communications consultant Tim Pet»
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The Challenges of Church Communications | Tim Peters
Church Communications Consultant Tim Pet»
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The church is the hope of the world. As church leaders we have the responsibility of communicating the greatest message known to mankind; the only message capable of changing a person’s entire eternity. The weight of that responsibility is both profound and incredible. It moves us to action and demands that we communicate it well. Yet oftentimes, churches have a difficult time communicating this message because they don’t understand the basic»
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First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA is one of my favorite churches.  Led by the incomparable Senior Pastor Dr. Johnny Hunt, this church has transformed the city in which I live.  Today, my wife was given a copy of their past week’s bulletin (shown above).  I was so impressed with it and the impact of […]
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Churches and drive-thru fast food restaurants seem to have little to no comparative value, until you look at the common denominator of both: the customer (people). Of course, I’m not saying the local church is selling anything to people, but I am provoking a perspective that says the people who are customers of a fast-food chain are the same people who are attending our churches. Lesson #1 – Minimum information, Maximum call-to-action Unless»
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“Communication is right up there with leadership. The two are not mutually exclusive…If you have great communication you can transform the life of your church.” – Mark Clement Effective church communications is vital to a church’s health and effectiveness.  Pastors and church leaders must get this right because of the life-changing message we are called […]
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Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.  Ephesians 6:10-12 The most critical key to any church working in Church Revitalization and Renewal is prayer. Prayer is the foundation for beginning any new direction a church might take! It anchors the future and the past by drawing participants closer to the Lord. Recruiting a Prayer Team for Church Revi»
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An Opportunity for a New Beginning New things give us an occasion to start over. Wise revitalizers challenge their churches early in the New Year to see a compelling vision of what the church could become if everyone decided and committed to work together for the cause of revitalization and renewal. Could there be some things you as the minister could do better than last year? The New Year provides all of us second chances to do something better.»
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Have you ever stopped to consider what makes the under thirty group in your church the way that they are? This is not an effort to blame any given institution yet the elementary school structure changed how teachers taught and rewarded for accomplishment. Teachers praised students not just when a task was completed, but along the way to the eventual goal. They stopped to celebrate along the way to success, creating motivation through little rewar»