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Article | Theology >
Michael J. Svigel, Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, tackles 12 church history myths.
Article | Higher Education >
Mike Svigel, professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, shares one reason why Christians should study Church History in addition to the Bible.
Article | Technology >
Daniel Flucke offers 12 steps to enhance your church website.
Article | Small Groups >
M. Scott Boren outlines the role of small groups as seen through four major eras of the church, from apostolic to Christian-centered to pluralistic and lastly to missional.
Article | Inspiration >
For all the good it does and is capable of, why would a Christian criticize the church at large?
Article | Church Planting >
Church planter Brandon Cox lays out his beliefs on the biblical nature of the church and why church planters should have a deep understanding of what "church" means.
Article | Theology >
Pastor Dave Dunham answers an often asked question about the Trinity.
Article | Small Groups >
Scott Boren offers five important lessons from the life of the early church's small groups.
Article | Church Leadership >
FaithVillage interviews Greg Atkinson about his new book, "Church Leadership Essentials: What Every Pastor Needs to Know."
Article | Church Leadership >
Angie Mabry-Nauta recalls why her church had to close its doors, from declining church attendance to an aging congregation and a decrease in giving.