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Scott Couchenour offers 25 ideas as to what church leaders can give up for Lent.
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Church leaders must deal with a wide variety of people, circumstances, and schedules. Stuart Dyckhoff offers these five online tools to help pastors and ministry leaders seek better organization.
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Pastors and church leaders: While ministering to those in your church at Christmas, don't forget to minister to your most important congregation — your family.
Article | Church Leadership >, started by pastor Shaun King, models a tangible generosity that ought to be replicated in the local church.
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Leaders are readers. Get these free e-books to augment your leadership skills.
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Using a few biblical examples from 1 and 2 Samuel, Chris Lautsbaugh looks at the woeful precedent set for Christian leaders and their families and what can be done to ensure ministry doesn't trump family.
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Pastor Ron Edmondson shares his thoughts on what makes for a healthy church culture.
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A21 Campaign founder Christine Cain shares what she's learned in regards to effective, productive, unified leadership teams.
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In the busyness of their jobs, pastors may not face their underlying anxieties.
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Frank Page, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and several other Baptist leaders plan to meet in Dallas this spring to address mental illness. The meeting was prompted by the Newtown, Conn., school shooting and has gained more urgency since the suicide of Matthew Warren, …