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Article | Emotional Health >
A hospital chaplain's perspective on the true comfort one can offer another, and how NOT to be a "comfort."
Article | Christian Living >
Chris Patton explains that God is not interested in putting us on a path and letting us coast, he wants to mold us.
Article | Emotional Health >
Trying to comfort a hurting person can be tricky. Poorly-chosen words can make them feel worse, not better.
Article | Bible Study >
He can heal your pain to help others do the same.
Article | News >
A new book tells the story of Lutheran chaplain Henry Gerecke, who witnessed to and prayed with Nazi defendants throughout the Nuremberg Trials, and accompanied some of them to the gallows.
Article | Music >
Ryan Brymer reviews "Inland," the latest record from the band Jars of Clay.
Article | Inspiration >
Grayson Pope offers hopeful, peaceful words to those fearful of the uncertainty of our world.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Can you quiet yourself to hear from God?
Video | Preaching >
Comfort in the Valley | Tony Evans
"There is a valley that God calls us to walk through ... " In this inspiring sermon cli…
Audio | Preaching >
Josh Morris, Associate Campus Pastor, NFW with Gateway Church, preaches.