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Article | Emotional Health >
A hospital chaplain's perspective on the true comfort one can offer another, and how NOT to be a "comfort."
Article | Emotional Health >
Trying to comfort a hurting person can be tricky. Poorly-chosen words can make them feel worse, not better.
Article | Bible Study >
He can heal your pain to help others do the same.
Article | Music >
Ryan Brymer reviews "Inland," the latest record from the band Jars of Clay.
Article | Inspiration >
Grayson Pope offers hopeful, peaceful words to those fearful of the uncertainty of our world.
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Can you quiet yourself to hear from God?
Video | Preaching >
Comfort in the Valley | Tony Evans
"There is a valley that God calls us to walk through ... " In this inspiring sermon cli…
Audio | Preaching >
Josh Morris, Associate Campus Pastor, NFW with Gateway Church, preaches.
Audio | Preaching >
by Rickey Williams
Video | Church Leadership >
Why You Should Reject Comfort | Francis Chan
Author and speaker Francis Chan at the Verge Conference: "If you're not suffering you shouldn't…