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Kids and Computers
Charles and Jim Fay discuss computers and kids.
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Photo Credit: Dreamstime Don’t you hate it when technology gets sassy before 6:00am? This morning, it took forever for me to get to work because my computer was not cooperating.  In fact, this is one of the error messages that popped up warning me I was about to engage in an argument with a computer with an attitude. Warning:  unresponsive script (not responding) You don’t say. Have you ever thought that computers suffer from multiple perso»
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How a solid foundation helps propel children successfully.
Article | Parenting >
Are today's parents over stimulating their children?
Article | Parenting >
Are parents doing too much to stimulate their babies, to stimulate their toddlers' learning?
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Music is perhaps the most influential of all kinds of art. The reason being that it is everywhere; music permeates our culture. We hear music in our cars, we purchase music on our computers, we attend concerts, we sing at our churches, we hear music at sporting events. We cannot hardly go into a public building without hearing music. Films and TV shows can be made or broken by the quality of their soundtracks. Because music is so pervasive, it is»
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From Wired: It’s easy to think of our digital revolutions—the desktop computer, the Internet—as purely technological achievements. Cheaper microprocessors let everyone have a PC at home. Internet protocols allowed computers to talk to each other. But that doesn’t capture the reasons these breakthroughs mattered so much to us. At their core, these were also creative revolutions. The PC didn’t truly touch us until the rise of desktop publ»
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Steve Wozniak Tests the Apple 1 Steve Wozniak is credited as single-handedly creating both the Apple I and Apple II computers. On this day in 1975, he tested the first working prototype. What makes... Read more!
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Thanks to Bing for sponsoring today’s discussion. Technology plays a huge role in our kids’ education these days. More and more, computers are being utilized in the classroom. Students take some of their tests on computers, they build math skills with computer games, and research topics of study online. While I think it’s wonderful that [...] The post Bing In The Classroom – Safer Web Search for Students appeared first on»