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Are today's parents over stimulating their children?
Article | Parenting >
How a solid foundation helps propel children successfully.
Article | Parenting >
Are parents doing too much to stimulate their babies, to stimulate their toddlers' learning?
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Kids and Computers
Charles and Jim Fay discuss computers and kids.
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  • Location: San Antonio, TX

About 64th Street Kids:

Bible Study for kids in the 1st -6th grades. The learning system involves, Bible stories, related crafts, music, video production, computers and videos

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Photo Credit: Dreamstime Don’t you hate it when technology gets sassy before 6:00am? This morning, it took forever for me to get to work because my computer was not cooperating.  In fact, this is one of the error messages that popped up warning me I was about to engage in an argument with a computer with an attitude. Warning:  unresponsive script (not responding) You don’t say. Have you ever thought that computers suffer from multiple perso»
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Control your main computer while miles away from it.
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Tricia Goyer discusses the epidemic of American wealth hindering them from adopting children domestically
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Kendall Conner shares five ways he ensures a great guest experience at a church or ministry event by considering the details of th»
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Joseph Lalonde recommends his short list of Android Apps that will improve the lives leaders.