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God loves it when His children, have children. The Bible is full of promises for conception, pregnancy, and babies (enough to fill a nine month devotional!). Here I have compiled my top 15 Scriptures for pregnancy, TTC (trying to conceive), and children. It is by no means exhaustive. Print out the verses so you can pray and confess them daily. Having a baby is a blessing from the Lord. Oh, and please let us know your favourite verse for pregnanc»
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Claims of virgin births in US near 1 percent, study finds

C'était une rencontre fortuite dans les rues de Milan , le couple , les hommes devrait être un chef militaire comme le personnage ...... Ces amis jour des médias sont mariés à "May Day" de ce jour férié or d'exploitation différents types de thème " robe du mariage " , j'ai demandé à certains " mariage ", " robe " la question du « mariage » , disait-on, la femme moderne sur le mariage avoir des vues très différentes , et à quelques pas du banquet de mariage de mariage traditionnel dans l'espace , laissant un morceau de sa grand-mère brodé écharpe r ...

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Few Christian doctrines are as tightly held as the belief in Jesus’ chaste conception. It’s mentioned several times in the Gos»
Article | Theology >
Dave Dunham reflects on the dangers of a disembodied theology that contradicts a biblically-informed understanding of persons.
Article | Marriage >
Sharon Hodde Miller shares insight from five years of marriage.
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Science is all but useless in arguments about personhood. Because almost everyone who takes a position does so on the basis of rel»
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Elise Fox talks with artist Danny Gokey about his sophomore project, "Hope in Front of Me," and Sophia's Heart, a homele»
Article | Theology >
Pastor Dave Dunham answers an often asked question about the Trinity.
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Read the first chapter of Jim Daly's new book on fatherhood.