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A conversation with God
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No one can prove or disprove God's existence. Faith is a relationship.
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What can be done when your reality and God's calling don't mesh?
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A Conversation with Seth Godin | Dan Cathy
Dan Cathy, President and COO of Chick-fi»
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Prolific author Frank Viola discusses his book "Revise Us Again."»
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How did FaithVillage start?
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About Fellowship With Other Adult Christians:

I would like to start this group to make new friends and create a support group within the Christian faith. We may go to different churches but for the most part we believe in one thing. Jesus Christ, is the only son of God conceived by the Holy Ghost in the virgin Mary. He lived and died on the cross so that we may be forgiven of our transgressions. He also rose in 3 days from the grave and now sits on the right side of our Father in Heaven. Even Christians get low sometimes during these end days. Wouldn't be nice if we could help each other face the same troubl ...

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A Conversation on 'Playing God' | Andy Crouch
"Andy Crouch, author of 'Culture Ma»
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When you pray the Psalms, you are praying together with believers throughout the world and throughout time.

There are events which happen that can’t be explained in ways that might make sense to others. Events which on the surface seem impossible, except you experienced it! Personally, deeply, unforgettably you know this event was not happenstance. The event, that experience is the result of a divine appointment. Divine appointments are moments that never escape the memory. In those escape-less moments our brain is so deeply seared that a permanent marker is erected. A historical sign post that will never allow you to lose the significance of that moment, that even ...