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Article | Prayer >
A vibrant prayer life can be as simple as taking a solitary walk.
Article | Christian Living >
Tips for how to have an enjoyable quiet time with God.
Article | Bible Study >
Aubry Smith reviews "The Life with God Study Bible," edited by Richard Foster and published by HarperOne.»
Article | Prayer >
"When we have gotten things horribly wrong and have rebelled against Him and continue to get deeper and deeper in trouble, wh»
Article | Emotional Health >
It's been five years since Celeste Peterson's only daughter was killed in a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech and she's finally ma»
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Ron Edmondson, of Immanuel Baptist Church, answers 10 questions on a range of topics both personal and church related.
Article | Devotionals >
A conversation with God
Article | Spiritual Practices >
Grayson Pope offers five practical ways to better hear God's voice and heed his direction for your life.
Article | Devotionals >
Tom Farr with the Englewood Review of Books covers Dallas Willard's updated and expanded Hearing God, a book about "having a »
Article | Prayer >
Do women hear from God more than men do? If so, is it real?