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About Involve the Creation:

Development is a process. Fundamental human needs include understanding, participation, creation, identity and freedom. These are things that cannot be satisfied by giving services or things. To be complete and sustainable, development must involve the beneficiaries and help them to develop skills to understand the real causes of their problems, take initiatives, be creative, and participate in and organise action. Development means reflection and action. Members of the community need to be taught about both.

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God continues to create a happy heart and learning soul in me. With every mess I make and step I take, I see that my own creations happen every day. In fact, each of us is one of God's most precious creations. Here, I discuss food, faith and fitness and how they all reflect our spiritual health.


I haven't always been the best person in the world to be honest. I was 5 years old when my mother passed away, and of course I was the first one to blame God. I had a child before I was married, and did not wait until marriage to have sex. I have done my fair share of drinking in my day, and most definitely said things that were not appropriate to people. The point that I have come to realize it that it is not about being perfect. It is not about following a set of guidelines in order to be good enough to get into heaven. What it is about is asking the Lord to take ove ...


Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani, translated in English means My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? The words of Christ are so powerful if you understand the meaning of this, it is life transforming, if you interpret it, the way it was intended. First and foremost you have to have an open mind. Remove everything in your mind that you have learned from priests, pastors and persons of faith and let the Bible interpret it for you. If you believe in the Holy Trinity you will never understand this message and the profound meaning of these words. You have to be like a li ...


We live in the glorious in-between. A “fascinating mystery” if you will. On one hand we are beginning to realize that we are a very small part of a large, dark and mysterious universe. We are but a small blip on the timeline of creation and a slight twinkle through the ever present and swirling darkness of the universe. However, in that swirling darkness we have yet to discover a planet and life such as ours. We are unique among the potential of infinite possibilities within the universe. On the bell curve of possibilities within the universe, we are at the fringes ...


This blog is not about crayons. However, its author (a raging idealist) found most of life’s truths wrapped up in the image of a small, broken, nub-of-a purple crayon that she saved from being ingested by her 2 yr. old son. So, it is about crayons. But it’s not. As she tore away the slightly saliva-dampened paper from the purple wax, things in her life, in the lives of her friends, family, and even strangers seemed to make more sense. Complete sense? Never. But more sense, nonetheless. And so this blog is not about crayons. It is about an image. An image o ...


The focus of this site is to aid in a better undertsanding of God's purpose for young people, adults, and His church in this world. He has given us life to live together in which the creation is called to interact with each other in order to reveal the love of their Creator. God has given us a call to reconcile with each other so we may know the ministry of reconciliation revealed in Christ.