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Part One in a series on the concept of adoption in Scripture, written by Buckner Foster Care and Adoption experts.
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Are we truly thankful for the world God's created for us?
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The moral must ever take precedence over the material
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About Involve the Creation:

Development is a process. Fundamental human needs include understanding, participation, creation, identity and freedom. These are things that cannot be satisfied by giving services or things. To be complete and sustainable, development must involve the beneficiaries and help them to develop skills to understand the real causes of their problems, take initiatives, be creative, and participate in and organise action. Development means reflection and action. Members of the community need to be taught about both.

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The Doctrine of Creation | Biola University
Dr. Erik Thoennes, Biola University's Associate Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology at the Ta…
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Church Trial & Organization Creation | Tutorial
This video walks you through the simple process of requesting your free demo and trial of FaithVilla…
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Creator and Creation | Trip Lee
Hip-hop artist Trip Lee talks about a Christian's identity in Christ.

God continues to create a happy heart and learning soul in me. With every mess I make and step I take, I see that my own creations happen every day. In fact, each of us is one of God's most precious creations. Here, I discuss food, faith and fitness and how they all reflect our spiritual health.

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It has always puzzled me why so few Christians are on the vanguard of stewardship and environmental issues. If indeed…The post Friday Soul Food: Planted, by Leah Kostamo, and the Call to Steward Creation appeared first on Dorothy Greco.
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Prairie Dogs - EndangeredScientists have cataloged about 1.2 million of an estimated 8.7 million species on the earth. Currently around 2,000 new species are discovered every year, while approximately 5,0000 become extinct each year. Christians believe that humans are to be responsible age…