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Article | Emotional Health >
Kim Galgano discusses how to handle and even benefit from criticism.
Article | Church Leadership >
Tricia Lovejoy offers her real response to help another pastor's wife deal with two consistent and difficult ministry issues: conflict and criticism.
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastors and church leaders often face criticism. Ron Moore offers four ways to help you respond in the right way so that criticism can help you more than hinder you.
Article | Church Leadership >
Jeff Randleman shares 6 steps toward handling negative criticism from another Christian.
Article | Church Leadership >
Church leaders need to be wary of being too critical. Instead, they should seek to be like a good coach, wanting the best for those they lead and patiently helping them get there.
Article | Bible Study >
How can you encourage your pastor?
Video | Music >
On Confession & Criticism | Derek Webb Interview
Singer/Songwriter Derek Webb talks about his new album 'Ctrl' and framing songs as confession. (2 o…
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
As pastors and ministry leaders we practically face some degree of criticism on a daily basis. The question then becomes for us, how do we handle and deal with criticism in a manner that doesn't destroy our heart, allowing us to become cynical, disillusioned and negative? Tim Keller has so…
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Criticism inhales. I was going to use the word "sucks" for "inhales," but you may have taken that the wrong way... hence, my point.So I'll stick with "criticism inhales." It actually communicates the point with a better word picture.Unless, of course, you disagree. Feel free to critiq…
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” –Aristotle Related articles Can You Handle Critisism? ( A Tribute to Criticism (