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Shouldn't a mother know the variations of her children's cries?

i wanted to start this blog to show the journey I went through to becoming a believer... so I guess a good way to start this is to tell about my family back when I was a little girl. Back then my mom was on drugs. And my dad was a very angry person. He raped my mom and beat her pulling guns on her and other things. He was very deceitful and cruel and still is today. the day they got married my dad looked at my mom and said I own you. (WHICH IS WHY I HAVE TO YET MARRY MY FIANCEE OF 3 YEARS IM SO SCARED TO GIVE MYSELF TO BE OWNED BY SOMEONE ELSE WHICH I NEED GOD HE ...


After Jesus's birth, King Herod became disturbed when a group of astrologers or "œwise men" from the east (thought to be Persia or Babylon) called the Magi arrived in Jerusalem. The Magi had been following a star belonging to the newly born "œKing of the Jews". Herod derived the time from which Jesus had been born from the Magi accounts of when the star had first appeared. King Herod then tricked the Magi by asking them to find the child so that he would worship him. In reality, King Herod, who was renowned for his paranoia, didn"™t want any challenge to his rule, t ...

Article | Inspiration >
Words from C.S. Lewis' The Magician's Nephew helps a grieving woman realize that hope stands firm, even in the midst of pain and s»
Article | Small Groups >
Leaving a small group is an inevitable event at some point, but how do you it handle it honorably and sensitively?
Article | Church Leadership >
David Drury discusses the art of apologizing for leaders.
Article | Christian Living >
How can we surrender to God's will in the messy and painful parts of life?
Article | Moms >
Sharon Hodde Miller believes that there is a reason that we should care about what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri.
Article | Devotionals >
Buckner adoption and maternity counselor Tara Moore shares a devotional thought on pain. If we desire to heal, we can't turn away »
Article | Missional >
Justin Hiebert addresses the damage a growing spirit of entitlement can create.