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(I wrote this poem for my daughter at a particularly painful time in life. If you feel like crying and never stopping, I pray this will help you too.)   Purpose met Pain as she moved down the road, Purpose told Pain, “I can lighten your load.” Pain rolled her eyes and kept moving forward, She said, “You must think I’m some sort of coward.”   Purpose shrugged and followed Pain’s lead, Waiting to show her, she’d one day be freed.»
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Something evil was lurking in my body yesterday morning I was unsettled and unhappy, but the reason for such a sour state of being was not apparent. This feeling soon grew to need a reason for it’s existence, so I began to pick a fight with my husband. Having a very bright morning, he was not altogether pleased with my needless anger and frustration, so of course, we had a giant argument.. right before church. How many young couples have been i»
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I have a confession to make. Not that long ago, I went through a period where I didn't want to go to church. Yeah, I know. Me, you, everybody; this isn't much of a confession. But this wasn't because I wanted to sleep in or catch the early NFL game. No, I didn't want to go to church because most of the time I would come home crying. This is our usual Sunday morning routine. Get up and get ready for church. Eat breakfast, making sure that our son»
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Photo Credit: Creative Commons – Storyville Girl Our baby boy turned nine weeks old last week. To say that he brings renewed joy to our lives would be an understatement. But he also brings something unexpected to our lives – when we’re willing to look for it – and that’s wisdom. Yesterday evening, about two hours before his bed time, he got very, very “fussy.” [EdiTOR's Note: I recently wrote a post about misused phrases that paren»
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I cried on my way to work this morning. Mostly at the end as I sat in the parking garage. Because there's a little boy, only 3 years old, having surgery today to remove his eye.Cancer A few months ago Reid was diagnosed with a rare cancer that the chemo has since not killed off sufficiently. And because of the cancer's unique nature and placement, his only hope for continued health and life is to lose his eye. Reid's mom, Amy, is a girl I grew up»
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Welcome to November! Start the new month off right with some of our best from around the web. Take Notice PRAY: Wonder what you can do? Stop and pray for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy via World Vision. VOTE: Penny Nance shared in our interview this week that half of women registered to vote, don’t. Make your vote count! Join SheVotes2012: “Like” CWA on Facebook. READ: BisNow, the largest commercial real estate publication in the US, ask»
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I’m pretty sure I was what they called a “late bloomer”. I really didn’t hit puberty until I was fifteen, almost sixteen. It was so frustrating that every time someone called our house they thought I was my mother instead of the strapping young lad I hoped I was. I was short, chubby, wore huge glasses, [...]
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Life is hard.  It doesn't get any easier at Christmas---maybe even harder. Stress doesn't disappear; it often intensifies. Finances don't increase; they typically get stretched thinner. Rest doesn't abound; usually a rat-race of visits ensues. For those who are alone and lonely,  Christmas seems to be a magnifying glass to the loneliness. Are you stretched to the limit and beyond? Do you ache because you cannot aff»
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Shouldn't a mother know the variations of her children's cries?

i wanted to start this blog to show the journey I went through to becoming a believer... so I guess a good way to start this is to tell about my family back when I was a little girl. Back then my mom was on drugs. And my dad was a very angry person. He raped my mom and beat her pulling guns on her and other things. He was very deceitful and cruel and still is today. the day they got married my dad looked at my mom and said I own you. (WHICH IS WHY I HAVE TO YET MARRY MY FIANCEE OF 3 YEARS IM SO SCARED TO GIVE MYSELF TO BE OWNED BY SOMEONE ELSE WHICH I NEED GOD HE ...