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Shouldn't a mother know the variations of her children's cries?
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Oh the B....For some students this is the best, most exciting grade in the world. For others, it's a devastating disaster that leaves them in tears. Any teacher who's been teaching for long has seen one of their motivated straight A students crying over a B. And if you
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I was excited to receive my copy of Greg Pembroke's Reasons My Kid is Crying.  As a busy dad, the author was faced with the problem many, if not all, parents have, of his kid crying for any and all reasons, rational or not.  When faced with the choice to cry
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“Oh, I’m just not the crying kind.” Famous last words. I used to try and convince my wife that I’m not the typical “dramatic musician” who wears his emotion on his sleeve, but I’ve since given up the charade. What can I say? I’m a sentimental person, and everybody knows
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(I wrote this poem for my daughter at a particularly painful time in life. If you feel like crying and never stopping, I pray this will help you too.)   Purpose met Pain as she moved down the road, Purpose told Pain, “I can lighten your load.” Pain rolled her
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Ma on the slide at the parkWe had some very tough periods of time with Ma over the winter where she would cry ... a lot ... and loudly ... for days at a time.  We did the best we could to comfort her and fix the problem.  However, many
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Friday, I spent a fair portion of my day in tears. Not because I was delivered some horrific news about …Continue reading →
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I attended a conference with a brand new friend (I’ll call her Sally), and I must’ve been in one of those vulnerable funks. I’d been at this writing gig for YEARS. Spoken for that many years too. I had several books out, great feedback on my speaking, and finally
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Something evil was lurking in my body yesterday morning… I was unsettled and unhappy, but the reason for such a sour state of being was not apparent. This feeling soon grew to need a reason for it’s existence, so I began to pick a fight with my husband. Having a
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
I have a confession to make. Not that long ago, I went through a period where I didn't want to go to church. Yeah, I know. Me, you, everybody; this isn't much of a confession. But this wasn't because I wanted to sleep in or catch the early NFL game. No, I