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Article | Music >
An interview with singer/songwriter Dara Maclean.
Article | Technology >
Saving Private Ryan can teach a valuable lesson to church techs
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Laura Linney plays Tobey Maguries crazy neighbor in"The Details." (The Weinstein Company) It’s a shame not to see more Toby Maguire in the movies. That will all change in the coming weeks. Fans of the actor will be happy to hear that he has three films coming to theaters between now and next Christmas including “The Great Gatsby”. First up is, “The Details,” which has been making the festival circuit before its wide release. Was it wort»
Blog Entry | Women >
Yesterday I told you I was going to share about how I met God on the way.  My friends, God is in the details!  This past August, my friend Donna asked if I would join her in a female prisoner outreach event near Richmond, Virginia this October.  My first inclination was to say, “no” because I’m getting better at saying “no” and also because I need margin in my life.  The outreach was just one week before a weekend women's retreat t»
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Ezekiel 40:3-4 “He took me there, and I saw a man whose appearance was like bronze; he was standing in the gateway with a linen cord and a measuring rod in his hand. The man said to me, “Son of man, look carefully and listen closely and pay attention to everything I am going to show you, for that is why you have been brought here. Tell the people of Israel everything you see.” Ezekiel saw the restoration of the temple. The vision was giv»
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Most pastors don’t have a clue on how to deal with the financial side of ministry. Taxes? Housing Allowance? Retirement? I share what I learn at Or you can read it in my free eBook: 30 in 30: How to Start or Restart Well. Which is also available for your Kindle.

This is a blog about stories—God's stories. After all, God is in the details, right? Yes, what an awful Christianese cliché. Yet there is truth in that statement, cliché or not. Because He is the creator of every person on Earth and has divinely connected each of us together, God is present even in the finer minutia of our days and weeks. Not a second passes without our Heavenly Father taking notice. If we watch very closely and listen, we will see and hear God's tools at work—even in the everyday. While He is saving a soldier from flying shrapnel on a battle ...


Deborah Wipf is dedicated to helping church and ministry leaders with the business side of running an organization. She combines over ten years of business experience with her love for ministry, big vision, details, project plans and organization to be a “business coach for churches and ministries”. For more tips and resources, follow Deborah on Twitter (@DeborahWipf).


It's easy to forget about God, and the spiritual practices that bring us into alignment with God's principles, as we move through life focusing on all the details of family, work, and play. The purpose of this blog is a call to all Christians to be intentional about the spiritual practice of putting God first in all the aspects of our life.

Article | Women >
A profile of the Dallas Theological Seminary graduates who founded Polish: Refining the Details, a ministry to working women.