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Article | Church Leadership >
Leadership coach and consultant Julie Pierce offers a quick take on four basics of leadership development.
Article | Discipleship >
Few, if any, churches approach discipleship as Christian character development.
Article | Church Leadership >
Properly developing church leaders takes time. Are you mentoring future leaders?
Article | Youth >
A look at the brain of a teen
Article | Preaching >
"Your messages are best cooked in a crock pot, not a microwave."»
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About Francophone University of International Development:

Francophone University of International Development (FUID) aims at transforming the world with godly love and excellence while maintaining a balance between faith and reason, theory and practice. As a result, graduates of Francophone University will be un

Video | Cause >
Economic Development in Rwanda | World Vision
In Rwanda, World Vision's Strong Women, »
Video | Cause >
Community Development Story: Haijali Rawat | International Nepal Fellowship
Haijali Rawat, a widow, had 15 children,»
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About Lake Point Church:

We are a new church plant north of Atlanta settling on the LakePoint Sports development.

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About Involve the Creation:

Development is a process. Fundamental human needs include understanding, participation, creation, identity and freedom. These are things that cannot be satisfied by giving services or things. To be complete and sustainable, development must involve the beneficiaries and help them to develop skills to understand the real causes of their problems, take initiatives, be creative, and participate in and organise action. Development means reflection and action. Members of the community need to be taught about both.