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Article | Christian Living >
The single most effective tool for breaking down fences between people or groups of people is to identify a bigger, more important»
Article | Christian Living >
Instead of dividing, try uniting.
Article | News Commentary >
Hatred and intolerance are nothing new, even in a land supposedly founded on tolerance and respect. “Man’s inhumanity to man»
Article | Moms >
Sharon Hodde Miller believes that there is a reason that we should care about what's going on in Ferguson, Missouri.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Leneita Fix wonders if there is too much "relationship" in relational ministry.»
Article | Bible Study >
Dave Dunham discusses the importance of doing theology in love.
Article | Women >
It's time for school, and Michelle DeRusha offers 5 ways to know that summer is over.
Article | Missions >
Juan Galloway suggests that we need the poor — they are indispensable.
Article | News >
What does it take to produce the first-ever papal high-five? A meeting with American televangelists, apparently.
Article | News Commentary >
Science is all but useless in arguments about personhood. Because almost everyone who takes a position does so on the basis of rel»