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Article | Youth >
Rich Beeston discusses how to handle your personal questions and concerns about faith.
Article | Spiritual Growth >
Belief, trust and faithfulness: Norton Herbst discusses these three kinds of faith.
Article | Site features >
When you're ready for an online group to foster spiritual conversations without the shopping mall environment of Facebook, try FaithVillage's powerful social group features.
Article | Blogs >
FaithVillage interviews author and blogger Billy Coffey about his blogging, his books, and what's next in his series set in the fictional town of Mattingly.
Article | Social Media >
Move your faith on the go with the new iTunes and Android apps from FaithVillage. Access inspiring content in over 20 thematic channels. Network with your friends, groups, church and Christian causes in our social network for faith experiences.
Article | News >
For a limited time, all new FaithVillagers will receive 10 free credits from immediately after registering as a new user on both sites.
Article | Bible Study >
Is a Christian saved by faith, or by works? What's the difference, and does it matter? Jeremy Myers answers a reader's question on faith and works in Christianity.
Article | Youth Leaders >
This week's FaithVillage Contributor Spotlight is on one of our favorite youth leader writers and contributors, Christopher Wesley.
Article | Youth Leaders >
This week's FaithVillage Contributor Spotlight is on Andy Blanks, co-founder of the youth leader resource site
Article | Sports and Recreation >
David Kindervater writes about Lolo Jones' faith in her pursuit of Olympic gold which has yet to happen.