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Article | Books >
Bloggers and social media are changing the way people discover good Christian books. The Great Book Reviewers Group offers free bo»
Article | Church Leadership >
Here's some helpful tips and careful questions to consider when planning to move your church into FaithVillage, taken from the Chu»
Article | Technology >
Sr. Editor Brad Russell updates his previous announcement that FaithVillage will be ceasing editorial operations August 31, 2014. »
Article | Missional >
Justin Hiebert discusses the important role of Christian community in missions.
Article | Site features >
When you're ready for an online group to foster spiritual conversations without the shopping mall environment of Facebook, try Fai»
Article | Social Media >
Move your faith on the go with the new iTunes and Android apps from FaithVillage. Access inspiring content in over 20 thematic cha»
Article | Youth Leaders >
This week's FaithVillage Contributor Spotlight is on Andy Blanks, co-founder of the youth leader resource site»
Article | Site features >
FaithVillage announces ten new features to help church partners launch their own online community and publishing platform.
Article | Sports and Recreation >
David Kindervater writes about Lolo Jones' faith in her pursuit of Olympic gold which has yet to happen.
Article | Site features >
If you've received spam emails or scams through the FaithVillage messaging system, here's what we're doing to fight it.