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Article | Books >
Bloggers and social media are changing the way people discover good Christian books. The Great Book Reviewers Group offers free books in exchange for honest reviews that will help the FaithVillage community move their faith.
Article | Church Leadership >
Here's some helpful tips and careful questions to consider when planning to move your church into FaithVillage, taken from the Church Move-In Guide.
Article | Missional >
Justin Hiebert discusses the important role of Christian community in missions.
Article | Site features >
When you're ready for an online group to foster spiritual conversations without the shopping mall environment of Facebook, try FaithVillage's powerful social group features.
Article | Social Media >
Move your faith on the go with the new iTunes and Android apps from FaithVillage. Access inspiring content in over 20 thematic channels. Network with your friends, groups, church and Christian causes in our social network for faith experiences.
Article | Youth Leaders >
This week's FaithVillage Contributor Spotlight is on Andy Blanks, co-founder of the youth leader resource site
Article | Site features >
FaithVillage announces ten new features to help church partners launch their own online community and publishing platform.
Article | Sports and Recreation >
David Kindervater writes about Lolo Jones' faith in her pursuit of Olympic gold which has yet to happen.
Article | Site features >
If you've received spam emails or scams through the FaithVillage messaging system, here's what we're doing to fight it.
Article | Inspiration >
FaithVillage spotlights contributor Allison Vesterfelt on her blogging, writing, speaking and more.