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Check out some of the most popular inspirational content and church resources on during 2012.
Article | Holidays >
The FaithVillage community is celebrating its first Christmas with festive lights and street art, daily advent devotionals, curated Christmas music videos and a special "Light Our World" Lighting Quiz Contest that can put some cool technology under your tree.
Article | Church Leadership >
Here's some helpful tips and careful questions to consider when planning to move your church into FaithVillage, taken from the Church Move-In Guide.
Article | Emotional Health >
Maggie Lee for Good is a new book chronicling a remarkable story of loss, recovery and redemptive giving that continues to ripple across the globe through acts of compassion committed in honor of teenager Maggie Lee Henson.
Article | Christian Living >
How did FaithVillage start?
Article | Emotional Health >
The journey to healing is never simple, but it can happen. Words of comfort and guidance from a hospital chaplain.
Article | Evangelism >
Jesus told his followers to go and make disciples, a commission that extends to the present day, and yet Christians sometimes balk at doing so. Why?
Article | Emotional Health >
Patience doesn't arrive after praying for it; it comes in the midst of trials and suffering.
Article | Devotionals >
Have credit cards replaced community and self-sacrifice?
Article | Preaching >
No matter your job or calling, you must communicate with others. Do you check these three issues to ensure you're communicating effectively?