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Players associated with performance enhancing drugs are not inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
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Putting fame into perspective
Article | Sports and Recreation >
By winning the 2012 U.S. Open, Webb Simpson joins Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow as Christian sports celebrities making recent news.
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From Seeking Fame to Seeking God | Isaac Wimberley
Isaac Wimberley, worship pastor at The Village Church's Dallas campus, talks with Ryan Gregg about h…
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from YPulse:Millennials have been positioned as a fame-hungry generation for years, and have developed a reputation for wanting 15-minutes in the spotlight whether or not they have any talent. But how true is the idea that the generation prioritizes being famous? When we asked 14-29-year-o…
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When they were younger, fame carried more weight, and as they have aged it has […]
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I was watching a movie the other day. It doesn’t matter what the name of it was, especially since I wouldn’t recommend it to you. I find that the case with most movies I watch, but, as I am apt to do, I digress. One of the characters in the
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Last Thursday I had the opportunity to see Ragamuffin, a movie about “the true story of Rich Mullins”. Wow. I did not know much about Rich’s story going into this movie (I’m not a fan of that genre of music). So I was surprised—in a good way—by how deep the
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Recently I was in a store near my home. We were on our way somewhere after church, so we stopped in for a drink and a snack until we ate lunch later. I turned and saw this picture in the magazine rack: You can’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing