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Article | Emotional Health >
With the voice of her psychologist dad in her head, Allison Vesterfelt reflects on our ambivalence about our feelings.
Article | Emotional Health >
Kids need to be taught that feelings will come and go and need not become part of their self-identity.
Article | Christian Living >
Having feelings and acting on them can be completely separate concepts. Wisdom can help you differentiate.
Article | Youth >
Don't let emotions trump truth
Video | Teaching >
Napkin Theology 2 - Faith, Facts, and Feelings
The relationship between faith, facts, a»
Audio | Women >
Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates recall their confused, liberating, emotional days surrounding the start of their empty ne»

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” Theodore Roosevelt In February, popular Australian TV celebrity Charlotte Dawson took her own life. As I was pondering this article trying to gain inspiration, my wife Helen arrived home from work with the news that one of her work colleagues has committed suicide. According to SANE Australia (a mental health education organisation) mental illness affects approximately 20% of the population in which 14% suffer from anxiety related illnesses while 6% depression related illnesses (I would ima ...


Do you feel like your life is ruled by the pain of shame, loss, guilt, rejection, or fear as a result of emotional wounds caused by trauma- abuse(physical, emotional, sexual), divorce, rape, abortion or loss/death of a loved one? Or do you just have small emotional cuts and wounds picked up in everyday interaction with people in your life? God is willing and able to bring deep healing to these emotional scars. You don't have to be a Christian. You just have to want to be healed- and to be healed by Him. You will learn how God heals all these and more- with Jesus Ch ...


I'd like to use this blog to post entries about difficulties that my Son is going through and thoughts/feelings/emotions from my perspective.

Article | Relationships >
Hanna Easley looks at the problem of having feelings for someone and praying that God will take those feelings away.