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Article | Emotional Health >
With the voice of her psychologist dad in her head, Allison Vesterfelt reflects on our ambivalence about our feelings.
Article | Emotional Health >
Kids need to be taught that feelings will come and go and need not become part of their self-identity.
Article | Christian Living >
Having feelings and acting on them can be completely separate concepts. Wisdom can help you differentiate.
Article | Youth >
Don't let emotions trump truth
Video | Teaching >
Napkin Theology 2 - Faith, Facts, and Feelings
The relationship between faith, facts, and feelings illustrated on a napkin. (Romans 1:17, 1 John 1:…
Audio | Women >
Barbara Rainey and Susan Yates recall their confused, liberating, emotional days surrounding the sta…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Following our feelings in life is like riding on a train without the guidance of a track. Following our feelings in life can be equated to handing the driving responsibility over to a driver who cannot see. Following our feelings and allowing them to rule and reign over how we
Blog Entry | Emotional Health >
I must evaluate whether expressing my acknowledged feelings to anyone other than God will serve His purpose, and I must control their expression accordingly. Larry Crabb I have emotions.  I am human, and I as a creation of God I have feelings. God feels, so therefore I do.  Feel…
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Question (from Facebook community): “I don’t know if I’m coming or going. How do you sort through all the feelings and acknowledge them?”   Several years ago, I asked my then ten-year-old son what he was feeling. His answer, “I don’t know.” I realized he may not even kno…
Blog Entry | Culture >
Here is a great little clip fro Mark Sayers on why many Christians, and almost everyone in the West, have become enslaved to our feelings. I lived like this for years. For me, the old ‘fact, faith, feelings’ train in a Christian tract that I saw about 30 years ago