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Kasey Van Norman says that true freedom brings conviction.
Article | Christian Living >
Childhood ideas of freedom don't often match adult reality.
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Global religious hostilities reached a six-year high in 2012 and affected more people than government curbs on religious freedom, according to the Pew Research Center’s latest report on religious restrictions around the world.
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Whatever else the Trayvon Martin case means, it compels us to continue, even extend, realistic conversations and actions related to the incessant dilemmas of race and racism in America.
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Fifteen years after Congress created an independent watchdog panel to oversee global religious freedom, the panel has little power and little influence, activists told lawmakers.
Article | Public Policy >
Religious Freedom Day in America is a day to celebrate the adoption of Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute for Establishing Religious Freedom. Why celebrate it? We might start by remembering a history of religious discrimination and persecution.
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Religious believers throughout the world face a rising tide of restrictions, according to a study released September 20, 2012.
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Update: Reports continue to paint a confusing picture of the situation of Meriam Ibrahim and her family in Sudan. State Department representative Marie Harf told the BBC the Sudan government had assured the U.S. that the family was safe.
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How this family came to celebrate a significant milestone in their financial life.
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Each summer, the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan, hosts a four-day learning experience where participants are intellectually challenged to explore how we can become a more free and virtuous society. FaithVillage Sr. Editor Brad Russell interviews Mike Cook of Acton University ab …