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Article | Film >
Kenneth R. Morefield reviews the Christian comedy movie "Moms' Night Out," a film that caught him off-guard for being ge»

raze (to demolish) Razing Dawn is the journey of my growth as a Christian woman. Sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny. It is how God removes (demolishes) those things not so pleasing to him in order to grow me in grace. Enjoy.


Funny. Sarcastic. Peculiar. Believer. Truthful. Wife. Woman. Foodie. Random jingle singer/composer…I’m exactly what the title of this blog says that I am—a spirited nerd. Strap yourself in for my infamous outlook on life, combined with some biblical enthusiasm and random nerdisms.


Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Mostly,

Article | Humor >
Humor blogger Bryan Allain shares what he's learned about blogging
Article | Culture >
David Schroeder ponders what we mean by the phrase "Christian film."»
Article | Marriage >
Leslie advises a woman's dilemma in dealing with an always-angry husband.
Article | Moms >
Natasha Crain offers ways for parents to teach about atheism.
Article | Social Media >
Kendall Conner discusses the importance of celebrating what goes right, instead of keeping track of your mistakes.
Article | Books >
Ryan Brymer interviews Matthew Paul Turner about his latest book of American church history, Our Big American God.