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Kenneth R. Morefield reviews the Christian comedy movie "Moms' Night Out," a film that caught him off-guard for being ge»
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Photo Credit: Creative Commons – wendyandpaulsphotos One of the best things about family is the fact that it serves as a never-ending stream of laughs and funny material – as well as an instant audience for both parents and kids. The link below is to an entertaining rap about the joys, pitfalls and pratfalls of parenting. If you are a parent (or even had parents) there are some funky lyrics in this rap that should be able to relate to. Additi»
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To lighten the mood a bit on this last day of the work week, here is a video of funny church signs.  
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Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter star in "Don't Trust the B  in Apartment 23" Photo credit: ABC Television Perhaps I am too old or too much of a prude or maybe, just maybe, I have taste, but I do not understand some shows that brand themselves as comedies these days. ABC’s “Don’t Trust the B_____ in Apartment 23” is bound to find itself cast aside like “Man Up” and “Work It,” two losers that came before it this season. “A w»
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A re-post from a couple years ago that I hope you’ll re-enjoy… Warning: This post contains much more information than you care to know about Amy Storms. Seriously. You can read on, but…you’ve been warned. I get urinary tract infections a lot. I had them often in childhood and they still recur a few times a year. I even had one on our honeymoon. It’s all part of the glamour that is my life. During a particularly awful UTI a f»

raze (to demolish) Razing Dawn is the journey of my growth as a Christian woman. Sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny. It is how God removes (demolishes) those things not so pleasing to him in order to grow me in grace. Enjoy.


Funny. Sarcastic. Peculiar. Believer. Truthful. Wife. Woman. Foodie. Random jingle singer/composer…I’m exactly what the title of this blog says that I am—a spirited nerd. Strap yourself in for my infamous outlook on life, combined with some biblical enthusiasm and random nerdisms.


Sometimes funny. Sometimes serious. Mostly,

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Humor blogger Bryan Allain shares what he's learned about blogging
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David Schroeder ponders what we mean by the phrase "Christian film."»