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You and your organization can fight human trafficking in specific, effective ways.
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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Connection Algorithm like Sheldon’s that would help you connect a girl to the student ministry or a girls lifegroup? I remember the first day on the job as a girlsminister. Such an algorithm would have been very handy. It was our fall retreat! I was surrounded by cliques of girls and I couldn’t figure out how to get inside of one of those circles. They all seemed to be looking at me—the»
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This weekend at Snowball (our girls retreat) we will be looking at Phil. 4:8-9 and what we should be thinking on.  So often we as girls/women allow the meditations of our hearts to be something other than “whatever is true, noble, praise worthy, excellent…” and there are consequences when we begin to let those meditations of our heart rule our mind and our actions.  When we put together the event for our girls, I always recrui»

Christen Price shares her stories about seeking to live life illuminated by Jesus on The Uncontainable Truth. As wife to her high school sweetheart and mother to premature twin girls, she’s learned to trust God’s plans even when life (or her house) is messy. Christen is the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at her church, a lover of exclamation points, and gets way too excited over food and fabric. You can find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy or Twitter @chris10price.

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Advice to girls on how to guard their hearts.
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Why are Syntyche and Euodia seldom if ever taught about in the church?
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Singles, you're in the best season of your life for right now.
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What's so striking about the early church? Each and every one of them were all in.
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"Your leadership growth will be most marked by the moments where you feel like you are barely staying above water."»
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Tips for youth ministry on how to address boy band obsessions with bands like One Direction.