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Ideas on how to lead a Gratitude Project
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When her daughter broke her arm, Mom wasn't expecting to learn gratitude from her.
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Practice saying "thank you" in the office and see how it affects the attitudes there.
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Gratitude | Ecodads
This short film produced by Louie Schwartzberg of Ecodads is just the beginning of what they hope wi…
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Gratitude is an Attitude | Centre Street Church
A reminder that thankfulness can exist year-round.
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Everyone likes to be appreciated.  And not surprisingly, saying thank-you is good business.  According to research, showing gratitude can increase profit, productivity and employee loyalty.
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¬†Anthony and Kate in Liberia last year. Photo courtesy of AJ Beephan In which I feel the familiar fear for…The post Eight Days of Wedding (Prep): Using Gratitude as a Weapon appeared first on Dorothy Greco.
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What an awesome time in worship this past Sunday!! I loved hearing so many people share their gratitude to God for a wide variety of things! Just a powerful sense of God's presence all day long!I announced on Sunday that Cory Johnson would be assuming leadership of our student ministry
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It is cool to think about the flow of the Christian life. God deeply loves us first. Shows it vividly through Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection. The choice then is to believe or not. Once we believe we receive Jesus and become sons and daughters. Gratitude fills our
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The post Friday Soul Food: In Gratitude to Maya Angelou appeared first on Dorothy Greco.