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Blog Entry | Family >
I remember back in my teenage and college years when late night trips to Wal-Mart or the grocery store were something of novelty…to avoid studying, or try on fifty pairs of sunglasses, or some of kind of shenanigans that usually ended in a photo op and the purchase of my weight in Ramen noodles. Nowadays, [...]
Blog Entry | Young Adults >
hello, my name is sarah grace, and i may or may not be allowed back to my neighborhood HEB. typically, i make a grocery run each sunday afternoon and load up on what we need for the upcoming week. for some strange, dreamy reason, this time, i decided that i wanted to try and shop for the whole month... i know, what was i thinking? i got through 85% of the store, my basket was full, i could feel the strangers were staring at me and»
Blog Entry | Humor >
(This is a repost from last year) You know what’s awesome? People observing your parenting out of context. Now I know how wild animals feel like when NatGeo visits their habitat and observes them picking lice off another member of their species and then eating it. When that footage airs, I bet they’re all like, “That was ONE time.” My wonderful wife and I have discovered that my son has a penchant for bossiness. We thin»
Article | Health >
Who knew you could eat clean and eat ice cream at the same time?
Article | Parenting >
A dad's account of how his parenting appears to those who see it only in one instant.
Article | Moms >
Moms with toddlers can make even the grocery store a great adventure!
Article | Moms >
Diane Paddison challenges "mom" guilt with three biblical truths.»
Article | Health >
Learn how to plan, purchase and prepare your meals to ensure a healthy living (and get a free healthy groceries list).
Article | Health >
Next time you stop at the stor, this physician advises you to pick up these tasty, nutrition-packed foods.
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Why did this have to happen?It's incredible how often I hear people say they are blessed. They claim that God provided them with something in a time of need, protected them from some impending danger, healed them from a terrible sickness, or arranged for their local grocery store to stock their favorite coffee. No doubt these are all situations in which gratitude to God is to be expected. But I got to thinking about this. If we say that God bles»