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Article | Moms >
These mom groups invite and support mothers of young children, encouraging them in their faith as well.
Article | Small Groups >
Andrew Mason devises an icebreaker for every small group meeting he leads. Here are three reasons why icebreakers help small group»
Article | Small Groups >
Small groups pastor Andrew Mason offers seven ways to use a big event to launch new small groups.
Article | Small Groups >
Small Groups Pastor Ben Reed presents nine thoughts that can stop the growth of a small group before its ever begun.
Article | Small Groups >
"Here is the main problem though with accountability groups: They cause us to focus on our sin." Jeremy Myers diagnoses »
Article | Small Groups >
Small groups pastors Chris Surratt shares two essential things he'd changed if he was starting his small groups ministry all over »
Article | Church Leadership >
Kevin Stone provides a six-step process for starting a new ministry based on starting new groups first.
Article | Small Groups >
Rick Howerton shares insights from small groups pastor Troy Palermo, who relates how his church is able to convert nearly 90% of w»
Article | Culture >
Joey O'Connor gives his top arts and culture groups to connect with on Facebook.
Article | Small Groups >
Chris Surratt, Pastor of Ministries at Cross Point Church, shares 5 reasons why small groups at your church may not be growing in »