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Article | Church Leadership >
Associate Executive Pastor Brian Dodridge provides food for thought when a church is considering hiring a family member of someone»
Article | Church Leadership >
Rick Howerton offers wise advice in the church hiring process: Church leader, know thyself.
Article | Church Leadership >
Take these precautionary steps before your next hiring process.
Article | Church Leadership >
Jenni Catron, Executive Pastor at Cross Point Church, offers keen advice on how to hire church staff well.
Article | Church Leadership >
Mike Bonem shares a few best practices that can help Senior Pastors make the most out of hiring a new Executive Pastor.
Article | Work >
Practical considerations for interviewing potential team members.
Article | News >
President Obama’s executive order signed July 21 shields gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees from discrimination by»
Blog Entry | Technology >
In this highly competitive world, hiring a good and professional developer is quite difficult as you may have to consider lots of things while hiring him. Really, you consider lots of things while hiring a developer or you just spent little time in researching and hire him/her as your developer. Many times, it happens with businesses that they look for wrong skills, hire wrong people and allow them to screw their company. However, you can hire di»
Blog Entry | Technology >
Today, there are lots of businesses, who are looking to get assistance from a web consulting company in order to get high-end web solutions so that they can take their business on the top-most position of the search engines. When it comes to hire a consulting company for the business, it’s because one do not have enough expertise and capability to take on the project, so it is essential to hire a web consulting company. This way hiring a co»
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
The pause. The pause is relevant no matter how many ministers you hire. The pause is critical no matter your church’s governance model. The pause is a ‘must have’ no matter how long you’ve been hiring ministers. The pause is, in fact, a pause. After each step in your selection process with a minister candidate, you as a church leader need to ensure the decision maker or makers (hiring manager, elders, personnel team, whomever) pause. Once»