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Article | Church Leadership >
Associate Executive Pastor Brian Dodridge provides food for thought when a church is considering hiring a family member of someone already on staff.
Article | Church Leadership >
Rick Howerton offers wise advice in the church hiring process: Church leader, know thyself.
Article | Church Leadership >
Take these precautionary steps before your next hiring process.
Article | Church Leadership >
Jenni Catron, Executive Pastor at Cross Point Church, offers keen advice on how to hire church staff well.
Article | Church Leadership >
Mike Bonem shares a few best practices that can help Senior Pastors make the most out of hiring a new Executive Pastor.
Article | Work >
Practical considerations for interviewing potential team members.
Article | News >
President Obama’s executive order signed July 21 shields gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees from discrimination by companied that do work for he government. But it also leaves in place a 2002 order signed by President Bush that gives religious groups with federal contracts …
Blog Entry | Technology >
Are you looking to hire web consulting company for your project? If yes, it is essential to consider some important factors while hiring so that you can end-up hiring the most rusted company for your project.
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
The pause. The pause is relevant no matter how many ministers you hire. The pause is critical no matter your church’s governance model. The pause is a ‘must have’ no matter how long you’ve been hiring ministers. The pause is, in fact, a pause. After each step in your selection
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
Hiring people is one of the most important things that leaders do. Here are some great interview questions to ask.