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Article | Youth Leaders >
Christopher Wesley reminds youth leaders the importance of teaching teens how to enjoy the holidays, even if it is a difficult time of year for them.
Article | Holidays >
Holidays can be a chaotic time for foster and adoptive families and children. Here are 9 ideas from a Buckner foster care and adoption expert for making the holidays enjoyable.
Article | Family >
Some helpful tips on how to navigate tricky family situations during the holidays.
Article | Singles >
Singled need to reach out, not curl up inside, as family and friends gather around during the holidays.
Article | Health >
Author and speaker Arlene Pellicane answers a reader's question about maintaining your weight over the holidays. Try doing these 2 things when shopping at the grocery store to stay away from gaining a few pounds this Christmas. Also, Arlene advises you to ramp up your workouts in Decemb …
Article | Wellness >
Don't let the holidays weigh you down. If you follow these tips, you can prevent weight gain through the Christmas season and even improve your healthy eating habits.
Article | Holidays >
As the holiday season approaches, it is important to understand that this can often be a difficult time for children in foster care and their families. There are several ways, however, for families to work through holiday issues related to grief and loss in adoption and foster care.
Article | Holidays >
Brian Dodridge offers five quick tips for showing your appreciation for your church staff through the busy holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Article | Food and Hospitality >
Eating healthy can still be delicious — even during the holidays. Nutritionist Cheryl Cope offers you several healthy recipes for classic holiday desserts.
Article | Church Leadership >
Christmas can be a stressful time for anyone, and church leaders may feel the brunt of such pressures. How can pastors and ministers sustain a close relationship with Christ during the hectic holiday season?