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It’s your day to celebrate anything! Because today is Make Your Own Holiday Day. It’s an unofficial holiday, but what a fun idea. You can make today a special holiday for anything you want. Unofficial holidays can promote a cause, remember historical events, or used to have some simple good fun. How to Make a Holiday A “National” holiday takes an act of Congress, and that takes a lot of work. First you will have to contact your local con»
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There’s a holiday coming up, and ladies, whether you know it or not, it’s your holiday! This Saturday, March 8, is—drum roll please!—International Women’s Day. Never heard of it? You’re not alone; it’s definitely an under-celebrated holiday in the United States. That might be because when it started about a century ago, it was part of a Socialist movement, which made it a hard sell in this country. Since then, however, it has develo»
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January 9th is a triple holiday day – National Static Electricity Day, International Balloon Day, and Word Nerd Day. So choose one or more and celebrate with your family and coworkers. National Static Electricity Day We’ve all walked across the room in our stocking feet and been zapped when we leaned over to give a quick kiss or touched a doorknob. Or taken funny pictures of hat hair that stood up in every direction. Static electricity is th»
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The holidays are supposed to be a time to celebrate and enjoy being with family and friends. But trying to make it “the best year ever” can lead to stress, disappointment and hefty credit card bills. It doesn’t have to be this way. Follow these three tips to cut the stress out of your holiday plans. 1.  Watch your wallet. When it comes to gift-giving, set a budget and stick with it, and draw names if you’re exchanging with your extended»
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With mile-long shopping lists, people to visit, and events to attend, holiday safety may not be the first thing on your mind. The Baylor Health Care System Department of Public Safety is offering these important holiday safety tips to help keep you and your family protected throughout the busy holiday season. Whether at work, home, shopping, or traveling, keep these safety tips top of mind to ensure a safe holiday season for you and your family.»
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The holidays are supposed to be a fun time for food and family, but when a child in your family has difficulty with eating or drinking, it can make the holidays rather stressful. Pressure from family, new foods and smells, and holiday traditions that surround food can all contribute to battles for children who are picky or even problem eaters. The unfamiliar foods that pop up around the holidays, take fruitcake for example, and the many changes i»
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Our family has several traditions during the Holidays.  We go see the Christmas lights in Pigeon Forge and stop to get some Krispy Kremes while we do so.  We watch several Christmas movies.  I love the Bowl Games. Do you have special holiday traditions?
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1 in 4 American adults (26 percent), Dec. 25 is simply a cultural holiday, not a religious holy day
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Volunteer after the Holiday The truth is, homeless shelters, food banks, community based ministries, and soup kitchens probably wish they had as much volunteer help the rest of the year as they do during the holidays.  So while you are in spirit of giving this year, make sure to arrange to serve on a day after the holiday.  Mark the date down on your calendar, get in touch with the ones who are running the ministry, commit to it, and show up. »
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5 days until Christmas. Are you ready?! Take a moment for yourself and check out our favorites from the past week. Merry Christmas from all of us at 4word! Take Notice TIME-SAVER: Parenting Magazine presents 20 holiday time-savers that anyone could use during this bustling time of the year! BEST COMPANIES: Jacquelyn Smith with Forbes forecasts the 10 best companies to work for in 2014 and why these companies made the list. SOCIAL MEDIA MISTAKES:»