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FaithVillage interviews humanitarian/celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart.
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Let's talk causes! What's your favorite ministry, mission organization, or humanitarian group--and why?

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What is World Humanitarian Day? According to the United Nations: “World Humanitarian Day is a global celebration of people helping people.“ What is a Humanitarian? Jesus commanded us to be humanitarians when He said: “‘You must love the Lord your...
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National Humanitarian Day Martin Luther King Jr. would have celebrated his 85th birthday today. In honor of his non-violent movement against racial discrimination, King’s birthday has been given the title of National Humanitarian Day. Humanitarianism is having concern for or helping …
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Posted in NewsAnd here it is. Beyonce’s first class performance of ‘I Was Here’ at the United Nations World Humanitarian Day! For those of you who want to get involved… Here is where all us dolls come in! These are 5 easy and simple steps to support this world chang…
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dillon International, an affiliate of Buckner International, has received approval to place children from Colombia with adoptive families in the United States. Colombia’s central adoption authority, the Instituto Colombiano de Beinestar Familiar (ICBF), has announce…
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Tears welled up in Juan’s eyes. Standing on the front porch of the new home a group of Buckner volunteers had built for his family in the Rio Grande Valley, emotions choked his voice as he expressed his thankfulness for such an extraordinary gift. But it wasn’t the keys to

Jewish Voice Ministries International is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jew first and also to the Nations throughout the world. The Good News is proclaimed through television, speaking engagements in churches and congregations, publications, international festival outreaches, and medical clinics/humanitarian aid. We also provide Messianic education to those interested in the Jewish roots of their faith and leadership in Jewish ministry through The King’s Jewish Voice.

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A short interview on his favorite radio station sparked Ed to get involved in caring for Russian orphans more than 15 years ago. Today, his dedication to volunteerism is an inspiration to all who serve with him at Shoes for Orphan Souls, the largest humanitarian aid project of Buckner Inte …