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FaithVillage interviews humanitarian/celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart.
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About Engage Conversations:

Let's talk causes! What's your favorite ministry, mission organization, or humanitarian group--and why?


Jewish Voice Ministries International is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jew first and also to the Nations throughout the world. The Good News is proclaimed through television, speaking engagements in churches and congregations, publications, international festival outreaches, and medical clinics/humanitarian aid. We also provide Messianic education to those interested in the Jewish roots of their faith and leadership in Jewish ministry through The King’s Jewish Voice.

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A short interview on his favorite radio station sparked Ed to get involved in caring for Russian orphans more than 15 years ago. T»
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Humanitarian Photographer Esther Havens is interviewed by FaithVillage.

It was in January 1996 that I took part in my first mission trip. The adventure spanned a week of time I will never forget and sparked a desire years later to become involved fulltime. That week in Honduras rooted within me a calling and kinship with the people of Central America. It also introduced me to a couple, Mack and Judy Anthony, who have become dear friends and ministry inspirations. Last month I returned for a trip to Honduras with a large team after almost three years of absence. The trip brought back some incredible memories of the early years and strong in ...


Find out what's happening in community empowerment, education, skills training, poverty alleviation, adoption, foster care, and humanitarian efforts led by Buckner.

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The number of children and families crossing the border into the United States seeking refuge from danger in their home countries »
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Humanitarian organizations offer gift catalogues to help the most needy in addition, or as an alternative, to your regular Christm»
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One shoe-collecting family learned that when it comes to helping others, a mistake can turn out to be perfect.