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Article | Theology >
Pastor Dave Dunham, using Bruce Ware's book "The Man Christ Jesus," asks whether evangelicals are prone to elevate Jesus»
Article | Theology >
Pastor Dave Dunham looks at the fact that Jesus had to be both fully human and fully divine, "a God-man," in order to ma»
Article | News Commentary >
Hatred and intolerance are nothing new, even in a land supposedly founded on tolerance and respect. “Man’s inhumanity to man»
Article | Marriage >
Exactly what is a marriage based on Ephesians 5 supposed to look like?
Video | Theology >
Mormon Doctrine on God, Christ, and Humanity | Steve Tsoukalas
In this Seven Minute Seminary clip, Dr. »
Video | Preaching >
Design Thinking, Humanity, and Genesis 1 | Erwin McManus
Erwin McManus, pastor of Mosaic Church i»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
  According to the National Geographic Society, more than a billion people around the world will celebrate Earth Day today, the 44th anniversary of the annual day of action. When the first Earth Day celebration took place in 1970, I was not yet ten years old and already cared passionately about God’s creation. Weeks before the celebration, I made posters which I placed around our school in an effort to galvanize as many students as possible to»
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At the cross, an innocent man was brutally tortured and executed. Who is to blame?  Was it Satan? The Father? Humanity?  And why? My post this week @patheos delves into these questions: The Cross: The Views of Calvin, Arminius, and Aslan Described Somewhat Snarkily   photo credit: josef.stuefer via photopin cc  
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Christ's resurrection and reign are more deeply connected to his humanity then many Christians realize; knowing this can empower our own Christian life.
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
Christians believe strongly in the divinity of Jesus, but we have neglected the study of his humanity