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Shooter: Son of 'Hunger Games' Assistant Director Went on a rampage that left seven people dead, including the shooter
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This is so wrong - just like the concept behind the books and movies of "The Hunger Games." By College Humor.Posted by Read more!
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I recently finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy and I loved it. I wanted to try my hand at a sequel to the epilogue at the end of the Mockingjay. As I watched my two children play in the Meadow, I remember how dangerous it used to be to even step foot in it. My […] The post Hunger Games Fan Fiction appeared first on Royal Little Lambs: Faith, Family, and Health.
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If you haven't read the "Hunger Games" trilogy, I can recommend it. It is written for teens, so it's written at a fairly simple level in terms of language, but there's a lot to discuss. It would be great to read along with your teen.I found this article, "The Holy Cross: A real life “Mockingjay” for Catholics" interesting. If you've read the book, the allusion to the mockingjay will make sense:To me, the idea that ties the religious signific»
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For all it’s supposed flaws- I’m looking at you, shaky-cam- The Hunger Games was one of the biggest surprise hits in recent memory. As a result of the positive acclaim garnered by the first entry in the trilogy, Catching Fire brings plenty more pop to the table. The awkward, budget-might-have-run-short-here moments that disenchanted audiences the first time are gone; replaced by upgrades in almost every area. From the Peacekeeper uniforms to»
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Box offices around the country were on fire the new Hunger Games installment.  It seems like the whole nation was on the edge of their seats waiting to see what might happen to Katniss and Peeta after their sacrificial win to save one another in the first movie.   My teenage kids were so excited to see it, we actually ordered tickets the day before, got to the theater 30 minutes early, and the place was jam packed.   I watched news reports aro»
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Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) and Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence). LionsgateFROM EXAMINER.COMThe Hunger Gamestrilogy by Suzanne Collins is truly a marvel.... Read more!
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“Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Is an “Empire Strikes Back” for 2013
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When Suzanne Collins’ best selling young adult book “The Hunger Games” was made into a movie in 2012 it shattered box offices by pulling in almost 700 million dollars!  In less than two weeks the second installment of the series “Catching Fire” will be released. For fans, there are great expectations for this movie and there is great anticipation for this movie.  In anticipation of “Catching Fire’s” release the folks at the Pet»
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Why have the Hunger Games struck such a strong chord with middle schoolers?