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iTunes Sessions | David Crowder
David Crowder releases his first solo effort with an exclusive iTunes Session recorded at Capitol Re…
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The Leaving Eden Sessions: Your Love | Brandon Heath
"Your Love" is available on Brandon's album Leaving Eden, available on iTunes (http://bit.…
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"Nothin' You Won't Do" Live | Dara Maclean
© 2011 WMG Nothin' You Wont Do (The Cannery Row Sessions) Download at iTunes:…
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
As you know, I have been taking voice instructions for the last 18 months. It has changed my life. It has changed how I stand up and speak my truth. Here’s a video to support you speaking and being your truth through your voice. And, if you would like to
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I want to invite you to an webinar hosted by my friend and ministry tech expert Chip Dizard that is exclusively for Pastors and ministry leaders who want to start a podcast. In this webinar you will learn his 7 step blueprint for creating, editing, promoting and sustaining your ministry
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Regardless of how you feel about Google+ and it’s impact (or lack thereof) on social media, there is one major feature that has captured the attention of Google+ fanatics and everyone else, that feature is Google Hangouts on Air. Google hangouts are an enhanced version of video chat with…
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Rachel Hauck, author of the Once Upon a Prince, is thrilled to announce the winners from tonight’s Author Chat Party and Kindle Fire Giveaway. Thank you all so much for coming, and be sure to stay connected with Rachel via her website, Facebook, and Twitter! Here is the list of
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To judge by his pictures alone, Contemporary Christian music artist, Shawn McDonald appears to constantly re-inventing himself. Light hair, dark hair, facial hair, clean cut, piercings, sandals, ties and hats. But through them all – not very many smiles. McDonald, 35, has seen a lot and…
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This is the fourth post in a series on LIFE planning. In this series, I am sharing with you the basics of a LIFE plan and why you need one by going through the details of my own LIFE planning process. Neither my plan nor my process are perfect. In
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This post is part of the series: HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag. Blue FiRe (free) by Blue Microphones is a field recorder app. You may not know this, but the iPhone is a very capable audio recorder. I’ve not performed any scientific testing to compare it to a dedicated field