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FACT: Indie authors don’t always see a big pay day when they get started. After you’ve put enough books out there, perhaps the royalty checks begin to look better … Continue reading → The post 5 Reasons to Celebrate the Little Things if you Want to Survive as an Indie
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Independent online based Christian music webzine,, is proud to announce their latest free digital compilation titled “Punk Never Dies Vol. 2″ Click here to download. “Punk Never Dies Vol. 1” was first dreamt up by site owner, Brandon Jones, back in the …
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Colorado Springs, Colo. – - On the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, indie sister duo The Sonflowerz release their new EP Love Walked In tomorrow, September 10. Available at and through digital service providers including Amazon and iTunes, the six-track Love…
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{Image courtesy of Markuso /}   Indiegogo. I just want to say Indiegogo over and over again!   Have you contributed to an Indiegogo campaign? These campaigns use crowdfunding to bring exposure to causes and gather resources to raise money for projects. Our f…
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Living the Dream as an Independent Author! I’ve seen them hiding in my bushes, waiting to grab a quick image of me as I walk out of my front door. People are lined up down the streets waiting to have me throw my signature on the front cover of their
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It would be nothing short of foolish to turn down an invitation to get an inside look at the mind of Clark Gregg. Having recently won a healthy fan base with his frenetic, childish glee, Gregg could not have chosen a better time to launch Trust Me. Not unlike the
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Kimberlee Conway Ireton reviews children's books from the Secret Garden to Holes.
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Chris Geldard asses the cinematic approach of Corban Samuels latest album.
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Steven Jones with reviews "Believe Me," an independent "Christian" comedy that made its premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF 2014).
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Todd Burpo, author of the book "Heaven is for Real," talks about the book being made into a film.