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Article | Church Leadership >
Mark Miller, a VP at Chick-Fil-A, offers five ways to drive innovation within your church, ministry, or organization.
Article | Church Leadership >
"Innovation's Dirty Little Secret" by Pastor Larry Osborne celebrates failure for the invaluable lessons such experience»
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'Innovation's Dirty Little Secret' | Larry Osborne [Book Trailer]
"Innovation has a dirty little secr»
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What does science say about how constraints introduced into a system can breed innovation and new ideas? What role does »
Blog Entry | Technology >
Innovation is defined as a new method, idea, service or product that creates value. Most often innovation is initially misunderstood, seen as impossible, implausible, unaffordable and unattainable. Roger’s innovation curve has 16% of people as innovators (2.5%) and early adopters (13.5%) of new ideas, while the other 84% are the early majority (34%), late majority (34%) and Laggards (16%). This example shows that there are always a small few t»
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If you’ve ever wanted to try something new, but felt like you didn’t understand the process of making it really work within your organization or home.  Larry Osborne, pastor of North Coast Church, pulls back the curtain and explains how innovations really work, when they really work,  in his new book Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret: Why Serial Innovators Succeed Where Others Fail.  As a social media nut, I love the creativity found on t»
Blog Entry | Inspiration >
Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret: Why serial innovator’s succeed where others fail Some books have it, and this is one. Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret is replete with leadership insight and a good mix of wit. I was first introduced to Larry Osborne through the book Sticky Teams (another one I highly recommend), and Innovation is an excellent addition to leaders intent on expanding their insight. What makes successful innovation elusive i»
Blog Entry | Culture >
What may be emerging is a new role in the church: pastor of innovation. (Granted this may not become mainstream where every church would have one, since most churches have more pressing operational day-to-day needs.) I’ll do my part to keep this list updated. (Please do add to this list.) Bobby Gruenwald, Pastor, Innovation Leader of Kenny Jahng, Pastor of Media & Innovation of Liquid Church Shamichael Hallman, Collierville»
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Think outside of the box? How about creating a new one. This excites me big time! There’s a new emerging kind of role in the marketplace, and Wikipedia has a short entry for it: Chief Innovation Officer. This is so new the acronym for it isn’t settled yet — I’ve see it as CINO and CNO. What kind of a role is this? — According to What does it mean to be a chief innovation officer? ”Chief innovation officer: one part hacker, one part»
Blog Entry | Christian Living >
Efficiency. Patrick Lencioni makes the case very well in his article, The Enemy of Creativity and Innovation. Here’s a great part: I’ve become convinced that the only way to be really creative and innovative in life is to be joyfully inefficient…. Efficiency requires that we subdue our passion and allow it to be constrained by principles of logic and convention. Innovation and creativity require us to toss aside logic and convention»