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Article | Church Leadership >
Chris Patton looks at two specific Bible verses on influence to reinforce the idea of the intentional Christian leader.
Article | Church Leadership >
When leading others, do you rush ahead, determined and intentional, or do you wait and trust God for the outcome?
Article | Missional >
Justin Hiebert says that good missional living requires intentionality.
Article | Technology >
Church technical director Mike Sessler offers four tips on how to be more intentional when it comes to worship service lighting.
Article | Youth Leaders >
Andy Blanks stresses that intentionality in youth ministry is key.
Article | News >
Intentional, neo-monastic communities like Grace and Main in Danville, Va., may serve as future models for CBF church plants -- bu»
Article | Church Leadership >
Julie Pierce offers three traditions that leaders should consider incorporating into their new year's preparations.
Article | Christian Living >
Living the faith you profess doesn't happen by accident.
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastor Brian Howard offers a scheduled approach to avoiding burnout in ministry.
Article | Parenting >
Even in a pastor's house, children don't always pay attention when it's time to pray. Pastor Joey Cochran offers three tips he use»