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Blog going to help you increase in you Bible knowledge


Here at The Knowledge Dropper, you can expect new posts every weekday that bring a new spin to Christian lessons you've been taught your entire life. Through his posts, Jamie Boggs hopes to provide a current, entertaining context for discussing Biblical concepts and debating spiritual quandaries. Please join in the conversation through commenting on posts or contacting Jamie directly through Email, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Here is the recording of a message I gave concerning Anointing, Knowledge, & Confession from 1 John 2:18-25. You can’t anoint yourself, it is all of grace! Anointing leads to direct experiential knowledge (Greek “eido”) not studied knowledge (Greek “ginosko”), and this leads to an inner heart confessional sort of understanding of the gospel. Enjoy! Anointing-knowledge.m4a
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Whenever I stop on Jeopardy long enough to watch a round, I shake my head at the RE-diculous amount of information people know. There are some people out there who have a lot of knowledge stored up somewhere in them. Knowledge is a valued characteristic in our society. We are attracted to smart people. We appreciate intellect as a virtue. This has me thinking about what it means to really know something. Someone with great recall can seem knowle»
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I had a discussion with my oldest son about Plato’s Republic, and in particular the nature of justice. Out of many things said, it stood out to me that philosophers begin by assuming that we must debate over the meanings of things. I think that on the contrary, from the time we are two years old, and possibly younger, we know things about justice and love and truth and sin inherently. We can talk about justice knowing that all of us have a powe»

In the last days there will be a battle for the truth about Jesus and who He claims to be. The Holy Spirit was sent to point us to and exalt Jesus by leading us into all truth about Him. If we want to have a current word for the world, let us be seized by the current that runs deep in the River of Life! As the world is awash in decay and the nations swept away in the darkness, we must be able to clearly and boldly declare the truth about Jesus. At times this can be as simple as speaking His name unashamedly and with purpose into a situation. A most successful lie of S ...


Evil; hate and intolerance, is real and ugly and toxic in this world. We must overcome it. It is, unfortunately, all too common among men of and from all ages. We have witnessed this evil at home and in years past as terrorist have devastated our country. Recently, in the attacks on our embassies and countrymen abroad we continue to witness this truth, as we have in murderous attacks and violent aggression throughout the Middle East by men ranging from very young to their fathers and grandfathers, as have their ancestors before them. This ongoing conflict is oft ...


Welcome to my blog, I pray that as we go through “Our Journey With God”, together we learn through His Word, that God’s way is the Best way. Mission Statement To lead people to the knowledge that on their ”Journey With God”, He must be first place in their life. To love God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind, and strength. To live a changed life through His Word.

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