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For a limited time, all new FaithVillagers will receive 10 free credits from immediately after registering as a new»
Article | Technology >
Church technical director Mike Sessler offers four tips on how to be more intentional when it comes to worship service lighting.
Article | Youth >
by Tonika Reed with FERVR
No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden.
Article | Wellness >
One mama-to-be shares why she drinks sugar-free Crystal Light and how adding color to her fitness wardrobe motivated her to live h»
Article | Christian Living >
International speaker John O'Leary discusses the inspiration behind the "Be The Light" DVD program, spiritual discipline»
Article | Media > is a new, unique, quality Christian stock photography site incorporating a few brilliant ideas that will help churc»
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Andrew Peterson's new record, "Light for the Lost Boy" is now available.»
Article | Youth >
How to shine your light
Article | Bible Study >
Jesus' light lets us see ourselves, others, and him more clearly.
Article | Christian Living >
A comparison between waiting at red lights and waiting on God