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Article | Technology >
Church technical director Mike Sessler offers four tips on how to be more intentional when it comes to worship service lighting.
Audio | Technology >
This week we're joined by Matt Cooper of Barge Heights Lighting. We talk about color temperature and how to develop a tr»
Video | Books >
Lighting the Lamp - Video Trailer
One man's search for someone to believe »

A discussion of sound, video, lighting and acoustics for public spaces such as a church, stadium, arena or performing arts center. Learn great tips and tricks and watch tutorials by our AV experts!

Article | Holidays >
The FaithVillage community is celebrating its first Christmas with festive lights and street art, daily advent devotionals, curate»
Article | Technology >
If you're just starting to shoot videos for your church or ministry and are on a tight budget, this is the article you need to rea»
Article | Prayer >
Jennifer Dukes Lee voices a prayer in reaction to difficult recent events.
Article | Inspiration >
Stephen Brewster insists that practice is a necessity when it comes to our creativity.
Article | Youth >
Mike Everett suggests tips that can change the course of your life for Jesus.
Article | Writing >
Creating a space just for your writing can increase your productivity.