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This week we're joined by Matt Cooper of Barge Heights Lighting. We talk about color temperature and how to develop a tr»
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Lighting the Lamp - Video Trailer
One man's search for someone to believe »
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Growing up Protestant, and especially Pentecostal, lighting candles when praying was not something we did.  It was either something that was just foreign or unknown to you or it was not “sin” but an unnecessary part of faith that held to a tradition that well God might not disown you but he certainly didn’t condone it. Lighting candles to pray was most often associated with praying to Mary or to saints.  It seemed an exercise in pointle»

A discussion of sound, video, lighting and acoustics for public spaces such as a church, stadium, arena or performing arts center. Learn great tips and tricks and watch tutorials by our AV experts!

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This week we're all about lighting and atmosphere. From making sure your lighting and environmental projection are worki»
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CTW hits the road! Mike and Van travel to Palm Springs (not Vegas) to hang out with Lee Fields and the rest of the crew »
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Just in time for Christmas, it's all about environmental projection and lighting! We talk about matching EP with lightin»
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Water Bottle = Light Bulb?
Simple concepts can be life-changing for»
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Thunderstorms roll in to the Uptown/Galleria area of Houston this afternoon. Now with dramatic lighting! Published via Pressgram The post Stormclouds gathering above the Williams Tower #houwx appeared first on The Expatriate Minister.