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Article | Culture >
In a culture of immediacy we aren't used to waiting for anything.
Blog Entry | Children >
Five Things That Give You Longevity in Ministry You have to have a teachable spirit It is important that you are someone that is willing to learn new things. Learning…read more →
Blog Entry | Church Leadership >
(excerpt from wesleyconnectonline) Several years ago a study by the largest Protestant denomination in the country found a startling relationship between the length of time pastors had been in their churches, and the growth or decline of those churches. Their finding? Approximately 3/4 of their growing churches were being led by pastors who had been in their church more than four years, while 2/3 of their declining churches were being led by past»
Article | News Commentary >
What would you do if you knew exactly how many days you had to live? How would you feel?
Article | Wellness >
If you're an avid runner, you might consider taking an offseason, so you can enjoy healing, longevity and flexibility.
Article | Youth Leaders >
How long can a youth leader be effective in their local church?
Article | Youth >
Why do so many youth pastors leave after a short stint?
Article | Missions >
Justin Hiebert highlights three shifts in the view of the missional church.
Article | Christian Living >
Chris Patton says that we should forget about competing and focus on honoring God instead.
Article | Marriage >
Shaunti Feldhahn talks about the importance of believing in the longevity of your marriage.