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Five Things That Give You Longevity in Ministry You have to have a teachable spirit It is important that you are someone that is willing to learn new things. Learning…read more →
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(excerpt from wesleyconnectonline) Several years ago a study by the largest Protestant denomination in the country found a startling relationship between the length of time pastors had been in their churches, and the growth or decline of those churches. Their finding? Approximately 3/4 of their growing churches were being led by pastors who had been in their church more than four years, while 2/3 of their declining churches were being led by past»
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In a culture of immediacy we aren't used to waiting for anything.
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The youth leaders with longevity and impact are not always the flashiest but most have at least 3 common...
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I wrote it last fall as the leaves tinged yellow and red. A hunch of a word from Jesus. I made an observation about a family, how well their children seemed to marry well (in the longevity sense), stuck with their spouses in thick and thin. It was such a simple thought. You were great []The post I couldn’t believe one note would mean so much. appeared first on Mary DeMuth. If you'd like to read the whole shebang, please click on the title of th»
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On a recent flight home from Atlanta, I read a fascinating article in Time magazine entitled, The Art of Living: It May Be No Coincidence that So Many Creative Types Have Long Lives. The article focused on creativity, longevity and how doing what you love can add years to your life. Whether you’re young or middle-aged, if you want to cultivate a beautiful life long into your later years, now is the time to pursue your creative God-given gifts.»
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I just finished reading Jim Collins’ book entitled, “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies”. My heart and passion is that the local church would truly emulate that title and be visionary organizations that reach the world for Christ with longevity and strength.  I was particularly interested to read this about visionary organizations from the book: “Visionary companies make some of their best moves by experimentation, t»
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by MizPage
Lately, I’ve been exposed to the fact that happiness seems to be so short lived. Some things seem backwards, while others I simply question their reality. Yet, the abscence of happiness, isn’t sadness but a mere confusion. The longevity of connections. versus. The total deletion of said existance. Oh, but faithful reader – do not [...]
Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
I’ve watched success from afar as I’ve pursued a career that exemplifies longevity. Still, I’ve seen an author’s first or second book take off like a firecracker, and I’ve secretly (okay, not so secretly) been frustrated. In those times, I remind myself afresh of God’s glorious sovereignty, that He lifts up some, takes away from others, and gives everyone a unique path. But I’ve found a common ground betw»
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Psalm 91:16 I will reward them with a long life and give them my salvation. The final months of my grandfather’s were spent in a hospital bed. He used to laugh and joke, full of energy and spirit despite Parkinson’s disease. Then he fell, hit his head, and never recovered. IV needles and tubes going in and out of his body, masks covering his face. He no longer comprehended or knew what was happening, unable to recognise the face of his belove»