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Article | News >
A sociologist’s new generational study upends the common wisdom that higher education leads people away from organized religion.
Article | Church Leadership >
Pastors, church leaders and ministries often need volunteers, so why does it seem like the best volunteers often leave?
Article | Preaching >
Brandon Hilgemann provides eight distinct ways to know if your preaching is missing its mark and failing to hold the attention of »
Article | Youth Leaders >
Christopher Wesley looks at how to retain youth at church.
Article | Emotional Health >
When tempted to despair in the face of mounting adversity, remember to see life through God's eyes. These hard times are temporary»
Article | Culture >
Why are Millennials leaving the faith?
Article | Church Leadership >
A millenial leader offers three suggestions toward engaging his generation.
Article | Youth Leaders >
How do we get students back in the habit of being part of the youth ministry community?
Article | News >
The number of Americans who say they have no religious affiliation has hit an all-time high.
Article | Relationships >
What to do when you have a fight with your friend