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Review of the new book for men, "Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole."
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Is the idea of men being the provider a biblical one, or a cultural one?
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Manhood Restored | Eric Mason
The earthly crisis within manhood will be there until Jesus returns, but in Christ men are pointed t…
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Matt Carter, teaching pastor at The Austin Stone Community Church, speaks on Genesis 3:1-9 and the f…
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Defining Manhood within your Home. Recently, my wife and I had to buy deodorant for our middle child. Although he is young, his armpits just smell terrible. So we had the conversation planned out perfectly, so as to not hurt his feelings, and help him adjust to this new idea.
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Manhood can take on many different definitions depending on who you talk to. What is the definition of manhood in your eyes? Some would say being a good father is the definition of manhood. Some would say treating your wife as Jesus treats the church is the definition of manhood.
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John Croyle, founder of Big Oak Ranch in Alabama, leads Dad’s through steps to help their sons reach authentic manhood. Croyle was a All-American defensive end at the University of Alabama. He choose to forego professional football and established Big Oak Ranch, a place where he desi…
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It sounds like the beginning of a politically incorrect joke. A Black Nationalist, a psychologist, and a preacher walk into a bar…. In this case, however, they are all the same person. His name is Eric Mason. And he has written a book, Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men
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I came across an alarming article over the holidays that identified dads as the #10 most wanted item for Christmas in the Stratford & London. This made me wonder about the current condition of manhood in America and if I am completely honest with you reader, some of my own
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I know in our society, manhood is esteemed somewhat on par with slughood or renal infection, but that is only serving to snowball the problem, and I want to offer an alternative picture. Being a man is something that popular media seem to equate with an uncontrollable sex drive, killing