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Chester Beatty Papyri | The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
"The Chester Beatty papyri, publish»
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From Dublin, the latest
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Meet one of our favorite mom bloggers, Heather Riggleman.
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CrowdScribed, a new hybrid publishing platform that connects authors and readers early in the creative process, is sponsoring a ch»
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Pastor and author Robby Gallaty outlines why he switched Bible translations from the English Standard Version (ESV) to the Holman »
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Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates banned the film "Noah" in early March, citing Islamic prohibitions on showi»
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On one of the volumes, “How Jesus Became God,” Ehrman is clearly the author; but in the reversed “How God Became Jesus,” E»
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The week of March 25, 2014, Steve Green and family corporation Hobby Lobby will witness oral arguments in the Supreme Court case S»
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Study Bibles are an immense Bible study resource. Josh Conner offers his top three choices for study Bibles: the ESV Study Bible, »