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Chester Beatty Papyri | The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts
"The Chester Beatty papyri, publish»
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From Dublin, the latest
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Y’all I’ve been on a hiatus. My office, manuscripts, article ideas are collecting dust since June because things around here got a little crazy. In essence I hit the reset button essentially in every area of my life.  Work – axed it Speaking – limiting dates God- seeking him relentlessly Full time mom – embracing it Writing – surrendered it Reading – devouring books and getting sun burnt in the process. My friend Lori Wildenberg k»
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Articles and manuscripts and talking heads across the country announce and bemoan and celebrate (depending on their particular proclivity) in the news that “biblical” Christianity is in decline.  As numbers decline and influence wanes, there is much evangelical hand-wringing and second-guessing and blame-assigning taking place all across the fruited plain.  As the truth of this turn of events becomes increasingly difficult to avoid, there i»
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All writers have one or two manuscripts that have fallen into the rejection pile and have been given up on. At one time these unpublished works were like a child to you, now they are misfits that have been long abandoned. Not anymore. Dig out those manuscripts and self publish them today! I had mentioned in one of my previous blogs on how I had unsuccessfully tried to publish one of my books. I came within a baby’s breath of pulling it off and»
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Next month, I’m traveling to the Florida Christian Writers Conference and I look forward to it. I’ve been revising and updating my workshop on book proposal creation, Editors Read Proposals Not Manuscripts. I’ve been sorting through my 20+ years in publishing and preparing which stories to tell during my class.I love writers’ conferences. In fact, I'm going to teach at a number of conferences this year (follow the link to see the places).»
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Romans 5:1 in many translations, including the ESV, reads: “Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” There is a variant reading with this passage, however, and some manuscripts say instead “since we have been justified by faith, let us have peace with God.” In the first reading, peace with God is an absolute reality following from justification. In the second, it sounds as th»
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Editor's Note: I'm thrilled to have this piece from Barbara McNichol. Hope you enjoy it. WTW   by Barbara McNichol When I’m editing manuscripts, I sometimes wonder how much some authors struggle with their use of commas, dashes, and other punctuation. In many cases, I wonder whether they question it at all! Now, at times, it’s fine to relax strict punctuation rules, especially when writing artistic pieces. But beware. Unconventio»
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Life provides us with amazing experiences--some tragic and some joyful. As you go through these experiences, people will say to you, "YOU SHOULD REALLY WRITE A BOOK." Because almost everyone has a computer and keyboard, writers put their fingers on the keyboard and produce manuscripts. In fact, millions of these "books" are circulating inside publishers and agents. I wish each one of them could carefully read and apply the information inside»