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Article | Social Media >
Church social media consultant Jason Caston reveals why Pastor T.D. Jakes uses social media himself.
Article | Technology >
Kendall Conner with offers six tips on the effective use of seasonal media in a worship service.
Article | Health >
Ever felt defeated or bad about yourself after checking in online? Casey presents an argument to stay motivated despite social media's attempts to "encourage" you.
Article | Social Media >
Pastor Ritchie Miller offers a quick yet effective three-step method for dealing with social media critics.
Article | Social Media >
Darrel Girardier offers a few steps for churches to take to prepare for a social media emergency.
Article | Social Media >
Church staff likely know that they should be using social media, but they may just not know where to start. Darrel Girardier provides five ways to get church staffers started on social media.
Article | Social Media >
Darrel Girardier offers three great tips on assembling a volunteer social media team for churches.
Article | Social Media >
Simplify your church's social media accounts by planning ahead with a social media content calendar. By Darrel Girardier.
Article | Christian Living >
Journalism professor Sandra Glahn suggests common sense, calm demeanors, and a respect for truth should motivate believers as they interact with the media.
Article | Social Media >
Author and church social media consultant Jason Caston offers ideas on content churches ought to be posting to social media sites.