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An American doctor treated for Ebola, Kent Brantly, was discharged from Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital Aug. 21. Another Ame»
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Narrative Medicine and Ministering to Patients | Dallas Theological Seminary
Dr. Darrell Bock, Eva Bleeker and Joe Fo»
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Tommy and Eddie take some time to discuss their thoughts on comedy. They discuss what they are watching that is funny, w»
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A joyful heart is good medicine... Proverbs 17.22 My mother lived with the pain of rheumatoid arthritis for most of her adult life. Her legacy to me in that was that she did so with much grace and humor. With a chuckle that made light of the challenges she faced, she'd often remind me that growing older ain't for sissies. By the time I cared for her in our home, her memory had faded and her disabilities were many, but her ability to laugh a»
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Have you ever had to give your kids medicine?  Have you ever forgotten whether or not you've given your kids their medicine?It's a huge issue for me.  It's not that I forget to give it, it's that I forget that I've already given it...or not.  And I really, really do not want to double dose.I finally bought one of those pill organizers for myself because I kept forgetting whether or not I'd taken my meds yet that day. And that works just fin»
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Last Tuesday night, I sat in a downtown Dallas Art’s District auditorium that was filled with people interested in food. There was no cooking demonstration. The special of the day was a free talk by Dr. Mark Hyman, chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine. What is functional medicine? According to Dr. Hyman, “functional medicine is the future of conventional medicine–available now. It seeks to find and address the root causes of di»
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OK, I can’t keep it in any longer. Did anyone else watch Bravo TV’s newest reality show, Married to Medicine? Can I just say.ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Reality? Not so much. Entertaining? Possibly. It’s so unrealistic, so scripted, it hurts. The acting may be sub-par, but I will say they definitely have some characters on the show, so good job ladies. Here are a few of my initial thoughts: 1) Maybe they tried to get on the  Real Hous»
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Dinosaur medicine'd face*See the Indian healing clay?It is a new thing that my mommy got me.I am one of the specially selected people who didn't truly have a good "break out" until my senior year of highschool.So nice.notThat weird smile comes from not being able to smile. The crazed eyes are just me.Sadly, you can't tell that this green is just the color for me.It brings out the blue ein my eyes.Not even kidding. If your face decides to rebel a»
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Two hours south of this rural community we call home, one of our town’s own, a 12 year old boy named Zachary, makes local, national and international news as he remains in a coma in the intensive care unit of a Miami hospital – the victim of a rare and usually fatal brain infection called primary amoebic meningoencephalitis. Joined by compassionate people worldwide, our small community has come together to raise support for Zachary’s famil»
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Wow. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Here’s the intro: One of the world’s top physicians, Dr. Eric Topol, has a prescription that could improve your family’s health and make medical care cheaper. The cardiologist claims that the key is the smartphone. Topol has become the foremost expert in the exploding field of wireless medicine. Here’s a link to the video in case it doesn’t show up for you.»