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Article | Church Leadership >
Properly developing church leaders takes time. Are you mentoring future leaders?
Article | Church Leadership >
Ron Edmondson provides practical answers to questions all leaders should be asking themselves
Article | Church Leadership >
Jesus' humility teaches invaluable leadership lessons.
Article | Church Leadership >
If imperfect people are around other imperfect people for long enough, conflict is bound to happen. Here's what you can do to help»
Article | Devotionals >
It's OK to not have it all together.

I am the creator of Human Like You :: a ministry for burned out, broken, and messy leaders. Author of e-book 10 Lies Leaders Tell, Speaker

Article | Church Leadership >
Can young church leaders and old church leaders unite to lead the church?
Article | Church Leadership >
What does mutuality really look like in a male/female co-pastor situation?
Article | Small Groups >
If you're looking for shallow community, don't try this group.
Video | Small Groups >
What's in a Small Group? | Heather Zempel
Heather Zempel, author of Community is M»