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Blog Entry | Spiritual Growth >
I often find myself secretly questioning whether I am the only one with problems. How ridiculous, right? There are days and even months I can go without the pressure of trying to unravel the mess I’ve created throughout my life. But then there are times where it’s all I can focus on. I just want to fix it all in one day. Image by BrandX At times, life is an utter mess. However, admitting that our lives are a mess carries such liberty. But It»

I am the creator of Human Like You :: a ministry for burned out, broken, and messy leaders. Author of e-book 10 Lies Leaders Tell, Speaker

Article | Small Groups >
"I want, above all, for my small group leaders to see themselves as spiritual friends for those they help shepherd." —»
Article | Church Leadership >
Julie Pierce offers a necessary reminder for hard-working church leaders: are you striving or abiding?
Article | Small Groups >
Heather Zempel, small groups pastor at National Community Church in Washington D.C., offers a book aimed squarely at other small g»
Article | Youth Leaders >
An article that examines three leadership tips that can be learned from the life of Joseph.
Article | Small Groups >
Rick Howerton talks small groups with Heather Zempel, author of "Community is Messy" and Discipleship Pastor at National»
Article | Church Leadership >
Properly developing church leaders takes time. Are you mentoring future leaders?
Article | Church Leadership >
Ron Edmondson provides practical answers to questions all leaders should be asking themselves
Article | Church Leadership >
Jesus' humility teaches invaluable leadership lessons.